1. Tech

    What to Do With All Those Leftovers? The “Leftover Swap” App Has Your Back

    It's the day after Thanksgiving, so it's a safe bet you have a ton of leftover food sitting in your fridge. If you want to unload the two pounds of Grandma's stuffing you've got on hand before it goes bad, why not give Leftover Swap a try. It's an app that connects leftovers with people who want to eat someone else's leftovers.

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  2. Science

    Thanksgiving Protip: Saying Turkey Makes You Sleepy Makes You Sound Like a Jerk

    Turkey doesn't make you sleepy. It doesn't. Stop saying it does, because it doesn't. Yes, turkey has tryptophan. Yes, tryptophan is used as a sleep aid. NO. Turkey does not make you sleepy. Don't believe us? Here's Aaron Carol of the YouTube show Healthcare Triage to explain just why this myth is so completely not true.

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  3. Science

    Thanksgiving’s Origin Story Isn’t Exactly What You Were Taught

    The story goes: in 1621, Squanto taught Pilgrims how to survive and farm in the new world. After the Pilgrims' first successful harvest, they had a big feast to thank the Native Americans for helping them not die and probably apologize for the smallpox. It turns out that's not so much the story of the first Thanksgiving as a Thanksgiving.

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  4. Entertainment

    Watch the Mystery Science Theater 3,000 Turkey Day Marathon Live with Series Creator Joel Hodgson

    We've got the Mystery Science Theater 3,000 Thanksgiving web marathon right here at 12PM EST! Tweet the MST3K episodes you'd like to see @JoelGHodgson, and then sit back, enjoy your turkey coma, and watch a comedy marathon presented live by Joel Hodgson with your best robot pals. (Or family. Whatever.)

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  5. Weird

    Learn 25 Things Most People Don’t Know about Thanksgiving

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in America. It's a day to spend with family and friends you care about, and also family and friends-of-friends you don't. There's a lot of misinformation around the holiday, so Mental Floss and John Green have tried to clear it up with this video of 25 little-known facts about Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

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  6. Entertainment

    Highlights from Mystery Science Theater 3,000 Creator Joel Hodgson’s Reddit AMA Ahead of Thanksgiving Marathon

    Joel Hodgson, creator of the show Mystery Science Theather 3,000, held an AMA on Reddit to give fans the answers to all of their burning questions as he prepares for the show's Thanksgiving day web marathon. Take a look at some of the best answers and advice he gave, and attempt to keep your sanity with the help of your Reddit friends.

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  7. Space

    Watch Comet ISON Reach Its Closest Distance to the Sun on Thanksgiving with NASA’s Media Site

    Thanksgiving is make-or-break day for ISON, literally. It will reach its closest distance to the sun, and we'll find out whether it will survive or be ripped apart completely. NASA has assembled a media website aimed at providing "near real-time" photos and videos of the comet, since it's only visible from Earth at early morning hours.

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  8. Weird

    White House Wants America to Vote for Their Favorite Thanksgiving Turkey Because of Reasons

    Hey, remember when people still really liked voting for President Obama? The White House sure does. They're trying to capture the democratic magic once again, but since Obama's not up for re-election, they want you to vote for your favorite Thanksgiving turkey. Because there's nothing else that needs solving in America right now. Yup.

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  9. Science

    5 Tips for a Better Thanksgiving Through Science [Video]

    Say goodbye to dry, cardboard-like turkey and boost your health thanks to Bytesize Science. They'll show you a bunch of ways to make your Thanksgiving more delicious and more healthy at the same time. What they don't show you is how to tell your Mom her turkey could be better. Science has no answer for that. You're on your own.

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  10. Entertainment

    Batman Eternal Teaser Features The Entire Bat Family At The First Thanksgiving

    Even if you're not following the current run of Batman Eternal by Jason Fabok, it's pretty cool seeing everybody's favorite Batpeople and rogues sitting down to a whole mess of turkey. If you are a fan, though, then you're probably going to want to spend the next few hours staring intently at this image for any clues and easter eggs.

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  11. Entertainment

    This Thanksgiving, We’re Thankful for Mystery Science Theater 3,000′s 25th Anniversary Marathon

    Be super thankful as you watch six classic episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3,000 for free this Thanksgiving thanks to Shout! Factory. In honor of the show's 25 years, Shout! is selling a different MST3K box sets at a discounted price every day in November, and they'll marathon six of the greatest episodes on Thanksgiving Day.

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  12. Weird

    Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Fall At The Same Time This Year, Will Form Superholiday “Thanksgivukkah”

    Usually Hanukkah is thought of as Christmas's lamer cousin -- sure, you get presents and a Rugrats special, but not much else compared to the enormous conglomerate of media stardom that is Santa Claus and Baby Jesus. Except this year, Hanukkah's competing with... Thanksgiving. Wow, man. You just can't win some.

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  13. Weird

    Thanksgiving More Popular Than Hurricane Sandy, According To All Important Instagram Metric

    People love taking them some pictures of food, and there's no more food friendly event than Thanksgiving. It's perhaps no surprise, then, that yesterday's turkey feasts marked the highest of high points for the Instagram, which saw 226 pictures of turkey dinners uploaded to its service every second near it's high point at midday.

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  14. Entertainment

    Five Movies to Watch Instantly on Netflix During Your Thanksgiving Food Coma

    One of the time-honored traditions of Thanksgiving for a number of people is the act of eating way too much before retiring to the local couch to quietly digest. It's a period of much reflection, and sometimes regret, but there's little to no actual activity involved beyond just sitting there, hoping not to die. We know that feel. So, to make the whole process that much smoother, here's five movies to watch instantly on Netflix during your Thanksgiving food coma.

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  15. Weird

    Having a Stressful Thanksgiving? Have Some Calming Manatees

    We want to take the chance to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Geekosystem. We hope to heck that you're having a great day, surrounded by loved ones, kicking back, and increasingly filled with wonderful food. We know, though, that, between setting tables, getting pies out of the oven, and arguing politics with your nearest and dearest, things can get a little bit stressful during the holidays. Or, okay, a lot stressful. When we need to step away from things for a moment, there's one site that always helps us take a nice deep breath and get a little perspective. We're talking of course, about Calming Manatee. In the interest of you having a nice, chill day among family, friends, and food, here are a few of our favorite aquatic reminders that things are going to be just fine.

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