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    Amazing Spider-Man Franchise is Spinning Off Venom and Sinister Six Movies!

    Too many villains in a superhero movie is an almost guaranteed way to ruin it, but what if you make the villains the center of the story? That's what Sony is doing with the announcement that The Sinister Six are getting their own film, and so is Venom. The movies will all fit into the same universe, similar to Marvel's own film productions.

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    We’ve Finally Gotten The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer and It Is Kinda Bonkers

    It's about time that we're getting an actual look at the sequel to the 2012 Spider-Man reboot, but this sure isn't what we were expecting. After all, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were fantastic in the last film. What's with all the committal, forced-sounding voiceovers? Why are all the CGI acrobatics so... meh? 

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    Mary Jane Cut From The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to Make Room for More Gwen Stacey

    Despite the pacing and narrative problems of the first The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony's set to make not just two but three more films for your friendly neighborhood web-slinger. They originally had a trilogy in mind but decided otherwise -- and apparently this expansion that means that Mary Jane Watson's being bumped from the second movie to the third. So what are they going to do with all those scenes Shailene Woodley has already shot? Who knows? Who cares? More Gwen Stacey, please!

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    Outraged Fans Threaten the Life of Amazing Spider-Man Writer Dan Slott on Twitter

    We've all had that feeling of nerd rage at some point in our lives, though the exact extent of this ire varies from person to person. The common denominator among these moments of displeasure is that they've always been triggered by things such as changes to a particular continuity's status quo or a company's mishandling of a beloved intellectual property. While we're entitled to our opinions, there is such a thing as going too far in expressing them. Such was the case when irate fans took to Twitter and began threatening Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott over the series' final storyline in issue #700. At this point, however, calling this nerd rage is a large understatement.

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    Roundup of Video Game Awards’ Exclusive Trailers, and Our Responses

    This weekend, Spike TV ran the Video Game Awards. All in all it was a pretty tepid affair, but it did give studios a chance to show off their forthcoming titles with a slew of exclusive trailers. We gathered all of them up and were just going to present them to you, gentle reader, but the embedded videos looked so lonely there, and we figured we were as qualified as anyone to have opinions on the Internet, so we added our compressed thoughts about each trailer into a single sentence. (Most of the time.)

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