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  1. Weird

    The 7 Best Harlem Shake Videos the Internet’s Produced Since Last Week

    Okay, folks. Looks like people really, really love the Harlem Shake meme that's still making the rounds. It might be slowly dying off at this point, but a number of late bloomers joined the party since we last posted about the best Harlem Shake videos the Internet's produced so far. Given that some of those made over the past week are actually quite good, they really deserve their own roundup. Hit the jump to check out the seven best Harlem Shake videos the Internet's produced since last week.

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  2. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 1/8

    How To Watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report if You're in the UK (Bleeding Cool)

    A Creeper on OKCupid (ATTENTION: MINECRAFT JOKES) (Reddit)

    Screens From Ocarina of Time on the 3DS (Kotaku)

    Can Gaming Help "It Get Better?" (GameInformer)

    The Plot of the New Torchwood (Bleeding Cool)

    Things Gamers Should Relax About (Destructoid)

    The 3DS Has a Battery Life (Joystiq)

    (pic by jjengo, via the fallen blue.)

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  3. Entertainment

    Stephen Colbert Lauds Reddit on Colbert Report, Reddit Explodes With Ecstasy

    There aren't too many people in the world who manage to be both beloved celebrities in the real world and beloved celebrities on the Internet, but Stephen Colbert is definitely one of those people. And it seems that Colbert may just love the Internet, too. Last night in his interview, Colbert praised social news site Reddit. But he didn't just give it a passing mention. No, he spoke of it with the childlike wonder and glee of a kid who just got back from Space Camp and is full of stories to tell.

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  4. Entertainment

    Stephen Colbert Gets Serious with WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

    Last night Stephen Colbert interviewed Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, which the other week published video of the US military killing 12 individuals in Iraq, two of whom were later revealed to be staff members of the Reuters.

    After a sort of jokey opening in which he had his face pixelated and voice altered, Colbert got down to business:

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