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    Five Reasons We’re Pumped for a James Wan MacGyver Movie


    We've heard rumors about a MacGyver movie for a while now, but Variety is reporting that Saw director James Wan is in talks to direct the project. Wan might seem like an odd choice to take the helm of a MacGyver movie since the classic television show is about a pacifist trying to save the world through science and quick thinking, and not about gruesome murders and houses full of sadistic traps, but we have our reasons for thinking Wan is a great pick.

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    ’80s Movies Imagined as ’80s Games

    Next month, LA's Gallery 1988 will be putting on an art show called the 3G Show. But tributes to the third generation of mobile cellular phone standards need not apply: Rather, the three G's are Ghostbusters, Goonies, and Gremlins. Brilliant.

    Heroic pixel artist Jude Buffum is entering his imaginings of the three G's as 8-bit games. Hit the jump for his takes on Goonies and Gremlins:

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