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    Watch The Lion King as Reenacted by Tiny Kittens [Video]

    What's this? The Pet Collective released a video of adorable kittens reenacting the plot of The Lion King as narrated by equally adorable children? Complete with stuffed animals and crayon drawn set pieces? D'aww, you shouldn't have. We're not going to get any more work done for the rest of the day because of kittens.

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    The Perils of Being in 3D: This Version of The Lion King’s Hilarious

    For people of a certain age, there's no denying that the seminal scenes from Disney's The Lion King had an impact on their childhood. Granted, not everyone was a child during the '90s, but those that were know the sting of Mufasa's final scene all too well. It's sad, and depressing, but rarely if ever has the phrase "spooky in a surreal way" been added to that mix. Someone somewhere considered this an oversight and made a video to solve this problem.

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    Old Canadian Men Caught Singing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” in Coffee Shop [Video]

    Ever been to a Tim Hortons a few hours before closing time? Things can get real seedy real quick within the seemingly innocuous restaurant. Among a list of other things to be wary of after 9:00 pm, running into a gang of rowdy geriatrics singing Disney tunes is definitely not a situation you'd want to find yourself in, especially if you're alone. Whoever captured this footage from a Tim Hortons in Canada was fortunate to get away from the rambunctious bunch  -- terrorizing palpably distressed patrons with their rendition of Elton John's "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" from The Lion King -- with their life and camera. All we want to know is, why wasn't anybody calling the police?

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    Who Is The Fastest Classic Videogame Character? [Video]

    The answer may surprise you. Oh, video, you had us at Aladdin and The Lion King for the SEGA Genesis. (via Joystiq.)

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    Jeffery Thomas’ Twisted Princesses

    There's no shortage of dark!Disney fan material on the internet. It's just something that people do with family-themed favorites from their childhoods: try to make them thematically relevant to their adult sensibilities. Jeffery Thomas' Twisted Princess series stands out from all the Goth!Tinkerbells due to sheer creativity.

    After completing six initial drawings, Thomas gave in to the feedback and wound up doing seven more. With the latter seven, he included descriptions of how he saw each character's transformation. Most of these quick, alternate universe stories are of women who, since their rescuers have failed, are fighting for love, revenge or freedom with whatever was on hand, and by whatever means necessary.

    My personal favorite is Megara, pictured above, but I'm a sucker for any reference to the Fates. More, below.

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