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  1. Tech

    Blogger Shark Longs to be a Part of Your (Internet) World

    It began with a simple request over Tumblr. The proprietor of My Life as Rebekah was asked, "can you draw a shark who's addicted to the internet?" The response is truly wonderful, combining all the best of obsessive sharing platforms like Twitter and Tumblr with Shark Week and Disney's The Little Mermaid. This veritable pop culture cavalcade coalesced into a fantastic comic strip which will have you humming Part of Your World for the rest of the day. How wonderful, you ask? Read on below. I assure you, you will not be disappointed. 

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  2. Entertainment

    “Part of Your Guild” World of Warcraft + Little Mermaid Parody

    Here's a World of Warcraft parody of the Little Mermaid song "Part of Your World," released over at World of Filkcraft. The singer of the video, Aquilae, pretty much sums up the MMO experience when she sings the line, "Lookin' for group, you don't get too far." Amen, sister.

    (World of FilkCraft via BuzzFeed)

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  3. Entertainment

    Jeffery Thomas’ Twisted Princesses

    There's no shortage of dark!Disney fan material on the internet. It's just something that people do with family-themed favorites from their childhoods: try to make them thematically relevant to their adult sensibilities. Jeffery Thomas' Twisted Princess series stands out from all the Goth!Tinkerbells due to sheer creativity.

    After completing six initial drawings, Thomas gave in to the feedback and wound up doing seven more. With the latter seven, he included descriptions of how he saw each character's transformation. Most of these quick, alternate universe stories are of women who, since their rescuers have failed, are fighting for love, revenge or freedom with whatever was on hand, and by whatever means necessary.

    My personal favorite is Megara, pictured above, but I'm a sucker for any reference to the Fates. More, below.

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  4. Entertainment

    Prince of Persia Sand Sculpture Looks Like… Anyone But The Prince

    Ubisoft had a twelve foot sand sculpture of someone built in London this week, in anticipation of their release of the latest game regarding the exploits of a certain royal heir: Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands.

    We're just not sure who.

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