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    Teddy Bear Meme Artist Didn’t Put Much Thought Into Drawing, Actually Quite Amazed People Are So Into It

    Earlier this week we reported that the above illustration entitled Sweet Halloween Dreams -- created by Greek software engineer and artist Alex Panagopoulos -- would be turned into a movie with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Beau Flynn, and Hiram Garcia attached to the project as producers. While Panagopoulos has already sold the drawing's film rights to New Line Cinema, there was no word on the artist's own reaction to the life-changing news -- until today. No doubt surprised by the overnight surge in popularity of his artwork, Panagopoulos still can't believe that it was enough to merit this level of attention from the film industry.

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  2. Entertainment

    Teddy Bear Internet Meme Set to Become Movie, Will Be Produced by The Rock

    Obviously a sign of the internet zeitgeist, only in this generation can a lowly internet meme have the potential to be turned into a million-dollar box office blockbuster. The above image -- illustrated by Greek software engineer and fantasy artist Alex Panagopoulos -- depicting a teddy bear standing up to nightmares incarnate will reportedly be given the Hollywood treatment, with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Beau Flynn of FlynnPicturesCo set to produce the film tentatively titled Teddy Bear. Wait a minute, aren't Johnson and Flynn attached to Journey 2: The Mysterious Island? And on that note, doesn't Johnson have a penchant for starring in family-friendly fare like Tooth Fairy? If that's the case, then that teddy bear's going to need a much bigger sword and shield.

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  3. Entertainment

    The Rock Returns to Wrestling

    Last night, Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as The Rock, returned to the WWE. People were called candy-asses, eyebrows were flashed, and there were long, dramatic pauses before people found out who was doing the cooking from which a smell was emanating. Many odd things happened with his monologue--odder than the usual professional wrestling event: Justin Bieber was referenced, things were likened to Barney the Dinosaur's anus, and a legitimate movie star and actually-good actor said the following: "It is because of you I am back in this ring, and I give you my word, I am never, ever going away."

    The only currently known solid fact to take from his appearance and lengthy monologue (two videos totaling over twenty minutes, which can be seen after the break) is that he'll be hosting the upcoming Wrestlemania XXVII on April 3.

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  4. Entertainment

    Marvel Wants B- and C-List Studios to Take Care of Their B- and C-List Characters

    As far as superheroes go, the big studios tend to favor the ones that come with the most CGI, the biggest explosions, and the most renown. It's easier to get a studio to pour billions of dollars into a movie if the average person on the street has heard of the main character, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America, or the X-Men, for example. Big heroes, for big money.

    According to, Marvel is experimenting to see if this is a true x=y equation: maybe smaller money could work for smaller characters. We don't mean like the Atom or Henry Pym -

    Well, actually we do.

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  5. Entertainment

    Warner Announces DC is the New Harry Potter: One DC Superhero Movie a Year

    Now that the Harry Potter franchise is finally kicking the bucket (in 2011 with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II), Warner Brothers is looking for another cash cow of beloved characters to drive its infernal engine, and it didn't have to look far.

    Yesterday, at Showest, WB head Alan Horn said this:
    As we ease out of Harry Potter, we hope to bring you the excitement of the DC [Comics] Library!
    This would imply that DC character based movies will be released yearly, like the Harry Potter films, and, according to another Showest announcement, will be in 3-D.

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