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    The Simpsons Spoof Minecraft With Couch Gag, and David Letterman Gets an Early Retirement Present

    Last night's episode of The Simpsons started with a Minecraft version of the opening couch gag, but perhaps more impressive is that the team of animators also managed to turn around a David Letterman tribute between his retirement announcement Thursday and Friday when the video went up on YouTube.

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    The Lego Movie Meets The Simpsons In This Wonderful Video

    This is exactly what we were hoping for when we heard about the Simpsons-themed LEGO set: hilarious stop-motion videos of couch gags. Thankfully, the Internet has delivered for us in spades, starting with this great mash-up that teams Homer up with the latest in doofy everyman protagonists, Emmett from The Lego Movie.

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    Metal Fans Are Mad That The Simpsons Called Judas Priest “Death Metal” And Here’s Why

    It's hard for most comedy writers to admit mistakes, especially when those mistakes are incredibly pedantic in nature. But that's what last night's episode of The Simpsons did, copping to a faulty few lines of dialogue that mis-genred (that's a thing, right?) Judas Priest and upset a whole bunch of metal fans.

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    The Simpsons: An Unexpected Hobbit Couch Gag

    Fox has released an early peek at the November 3rd episode of The Simpsons. Well, maybe not a peek so much as the entire minute-and-a-half long couch gag, which places Marge in the role of Gandalf and Homer as Thorin Oakenshield. Sure, he's not as dreamy as Richard Armitage, but he still gets the job done.

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    Ratings Grab? What Do You Mean, Ratings Grab? Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover is Happening

    Great news for people who really enjoy once great television now rendered mediocre by time! Fox has announced that next year, The Simpsons and Family Guy will be teaming up for a crossover to be aired as part of the fall 2014 Family Guy season. If I were still in middle school, this would probably be amazing news. Alas, I'm not.

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    Everything’s Coming Up Hodor! Game of Thrones Characters Get The Simpsons Treatment

    Draw The Simpsons basically does what it says on the label -- illustrator ADN draws a Simpsonized version of a famous character, historical figure, or pop culture icon every day and posts it to his Tumblr. Finally, he's gotten around to the cast of HBO's Game of Thrones, and the resulting images are amazing. Personally, the Sansa and Tywin pictures are my favorites -- Sansa for the ridiculous likeness to actress Sophie Turner, and Tywin for his likeness to Montgomery Burns. Of course, the rest are great, too, and ADN promises that there's more on the way. Good, because he'll probably never run out of GOT characters at this rate.

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    I’m Troy McClure, You May Remember Me From This Supercut

    You could make the argument that there's no need for a supercut video of Troy McClure introducing himself and saying other things you may know him from. You'd be 100 percent wrong, but you could make that argument. Troy McClure saying titles of things Troy McClure was in is one of the best things ever. Thankfully, YouTuber Christopher Coleman put together this supercut of what he's claiming is McClure's full filmography. Did he miss any?

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    Anyone Want To Grab A Beer At Moe’s Tavern? We’ll Be Able To Soon Thanks To Universal Studios

    Stop arguing over which Springfield you think The Simpsons is set in, because the answer is going to be Florida -- sort of. Universal Studios is adding a Simpsons area to the park that will include a Krusty Burger, Lard Lad donuts, and even Taco Fresho run by Bumblebee Man. If you're a parent dealing with dragging your kids around a theme park, stop by Moe's Tavern for some Duff Beer that's brewed just for the park. Let's all say it together. Ready? On three. One. Two. Three: I want to go to there.

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  9. Entertainment

    Watch Mr. Burns Explain the Fiscal Cliff as Only The Simpsons Can

    The upcoming fiscal cliff is something that's particularly worrying to a number of folks. What exactly is this "fiscal cliff," and why are so many people concerned about it? Well, those are excellent questions. Thankfully, The Simpsons have already saw fit to answer these particular concerns. The ever-popular and savvy Mr. Burns has even deigned to explain things himself. That's just how important this particular political snafu is. We won't spoil, but, well, it's certainly hard to argue with conclusions like his.

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    Bill Plympton’s The Simpsons Couch Gag Is Equal Parts Awesome and Bizarre [Video]

    I can get past the anthropomorphic furniture, the cross-species relationship,  the concept of a couch-based strip club, and the sleazy hotel called "Sleazy Hotel" but come on: There is no way Marge would have let him bring it back into the house. No way.

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    Matt Groening Reveals The Simpsons Springfield is Named After the One in Oregon

    In an interview with Smithsonian Magazine, The Simpsons creator Matt Groening revealed the one and only burning question fans of the show have ever wanted to know: Where is Springfield?

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    The Simpsons Made a Portal Joke Last Night

    Some may say The Simpsons hasn't been good for years -- double-digit years, even -- and whether or not that is true, the writers of the show have seemingly been trying to appeal to a very specific audience the past couple of seasons. Not too long ago, the Simpsons family went to E3 and there were a load of video game parodies, including God of War, then last week, the show's iconic title sequence did a stellar parody of the Game of Thrones title sequence. Last night, toward the beginning of the episode, we have a Portal gag. The writers sure seem to be attempting to appeal to the geekier audience lately. We're not opposed to it. Full scene after the break.

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    Last Night’s The Simpsons Parody of the Game of Thrones Opening Was Brilliant

    The Simpsons opening is subject to much attention, probably in part due to the show's storied past, as well as the little details that change in each episode's opening. Last night's episode brilliantly parodied the opening from HBO's Game of Thrones, and what do you know, you can watch it right here if you missed it. Enjoy.

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  14. Weird

    Do You Want to Drink Duff Beer? Technically, You Can

    For Homer Simpson, there is only one beer: Duff. However, Matt Groening is on the record as saying that he will never allow an officially licensed Duff beer on the grounds that it will encourage underage drinking. That surprisingly thoughtful stance has prevented an official cash-in, but that hasn't stopped some breweries from either trying to push counterfeit Duff, or just coincidentally producing a beer with the same name. If you're keen to drink Duff, real Duff beer, then these are the best you can get.

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    A Cavalcade of Sci-Fi Characters Await You in this Marvelous Tatooine Mural

    What you see above is only a tiny piece of a larger mural done by Ulises Farinas that depicts Mos Eisley -- the most wretched hive of scum and villainy in the Star Wars universe. However, this version of the Tatooine crossroads of ne'er-do-wells is full of characters from other science fiction series. You'll see just about every Star Wars character from the original trilogy in the image, as well as some visitors from Star Trek, Doctor Who, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, Predator, Batman, The Wizard of Oz, Fallout, and many more besides. It's a veritable Where's Waldo Lando of Sci-Fi goodness.

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