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    The 14 Geekiest Beers the Free Market Has to Offer

    The history of beer is almost as old as human history, and it would be quite true to say that our love affair with the stuff has only grown with modern brewing practices. Given beer's pervasive place in human history, it's not surprising that the geeky pastimes of drinkers would eventually rub off on the beers themselves. The result is a veritable cornucopia of nerdy beers, from Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and a few others that fit in quite nicely with your nerdy lifestyle. Like Pizza Beer -- it's more efficient than eating both separately! So sit back, crack open a cold one, and enjoy this astounding and some times mouthwatering collection.

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    Celebrate 500 Episodes of The Simpsons With World-Record Breaking TV Watching Marathon

    As it stands, the current Guinness World Record for continuous television watching is 86 hours, 6 minutes, and 41 seconds, and was set all the way back in 2010. However, it might not last much longer as an over four-day-long marathon of The Simpsons is being planned to commemorate the 500th episode of the series. Does this sound like a plot line from The Simpsons disconcertingly come to life, or is it just me?

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    20 Years of Homer Simpson ‘Doh’ing In One Video

    In 20 seasons of The Simpsons --that's about 9,207 minutes (441 episodes at about 22 minutes of non-commercial footage) or 153.45 hours, or 6.39 weeks-- Homer spends about 4 minutes and 24 seconds just saying "D'oh." How do I know this? Because I have basic math skills and Andrewjcm painstakingly created a supercut of every instance of D'oh! in the Simpsons from seasons 1-20. It's an impressive feat and a worthwhile watch, but now I just want someone to rearrange some of these D'ohs and maybe autotune them into a song. New musicalgenre? I hope so. It beats dubstep, right? Right?!

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  4. Science

    Three-Eyed Fish Caught Outside Nuclear Power Plant: Simpsons Did It

    In Cordoba, a group of fishermen caught the above three-eyed wolf fish in a lake near a nuclear power plant. They didn't notice the fish had the third eye on its head at first, but once they got it under better light, it was a little difficult to miss.

    "We were fishing and we got the surprise of getting this rare specimen. As it was dark at that time we did not notice, but then you looked at him with a flashlight and saw that he had a third eye."

    To use a phrase South Park coined, "Simpsons did it."

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    Good Television That Is Being Threatened From the Inside

    Every year, there are a dozen or so shows on television that are cancelled or never make it to the point where they are even given the green light to begin. It’s more often that pilots are picked up and dumped after a few episodes than just about anything else. It is just the nature of the game. Less frequently, an already established show teeters on the edge for one reason or another. Something has gone wrong and the show nears the brink for a combination of reasons, but typically with one main driving force behind them. It is unusual for more than a handful of shows to be so close to the abyss. Now, that’s not to say that all of these shows will be cancelled, but merely that there are a number of factors in play that could significantly threaten them. We at Geekosystem present, a list of good television shows that are threatened by their own decisions.

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    Ren & Stimpy Creator Does The Simpsons Couch Gag [Video]

    If you didn't catch The Simpsons last night because you're one of those people who frequently claim that they only like the first five seasons and the show isn't good anymore, you missed a couch gag animated by John Kricfalusi (generally known as the much more pronunciation friendly John K), the creator of The Ren & Stimpy Show. The couch gag was insane, and you can watch it above.

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  7. Gaming

    The Simpsons Opening Segment in Minecraft [Video]

    The Simpsons kicked off its 23rd season last night, and what better way to celebrate than watch the show's famous opening segment recreated in Minecraft? Watching the episode from last night? What kind of fandom is that?

    (CraftedMovie via reddit)

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    The Best of Simpsons Schlemiel Hans Moleman

    For reasons unknown though much appreciated, TehMontageFactory has put all of the best moments of hapless Simpsons character Hans Moleman into one succinct supercut. (THD via GorillaMask)

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    McBain: The Movie

    Throughout The Simpsons, clips from a McBain movie would occasionally appear in certain early episodes, starring everyone's favorite yellow, four-fingered Arnold Schwarzenegger parody, Rainier Wolfcastle. The first piece of the movie appeared in the second season of the show in an episode title "The Way We Was," and the movie eventually played out through various clips within other early episodes, which were tied together to create the "full" McBain movie and uploaded to Vimeo for our yellow, one-liner parody pleasure. Hats off to whoever took the time to make the video.

    (via The A.V. Club)

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    Futurama Meets The Simpsons [Mashup]

    Inspired by the above illustration by Kate Yampolskaya, a bunch of creative (and anonymous) people on the Internet Photoshopped some more awesome Futurama/Simpsons crossovers in the same vein.

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    Tonight’s Simpsons Will Feature Live Action, Puppets, Katy Perry

    Tonight's holiday episode of the Simpsons will feature a dream sequence in which Moe is dating Katy Perry. And that everyone is a puppet. A live action puppet. Except Katy Perry. She's just going to be Katy Perry. In a rubber dress. And there's a laugh track? Get me Dominic Cobb.

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    Old and New Simpsons Checkout Gags Compared: Which Is Better?

    The checkout gag in current Simpsons title sequence may boast smoother animation, better-defined ceiling tiles, shading that exists where it didn't previously, and that random baby with the unibrow who scowls at Maggie, but golddurn if the old title sequence didn't wear it better, with actual emotion displayed by the characters, particularly Marge, who looks like a robot as her child is snatched away and scanned by a supermarket employee in the new checkout gag. GIF comparison and purported explanation from the animator after the cut:

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    The Simpson‘s Korean Animators’ Working Conditions Are Just Fine, Thanks

    The animators of The Simpsons would like everyone to know that despite the Banksy directed "couch gag" containing a depiction of their workplace being full of rats, lacking in light, and enslaving children and unicorns and murdering kittens; their working conditions are actually pretty normal. Nelson Shin, who has worked on The Simpsons since it's first airing in 1989, told Time that
    The satire... gave the impression that Asian artists slave away in subpar sweatshops when, in fact, they animate much of The Simpsons every week in high-tech workshops in downtown Seoul. "Most of the content was about degrading people from Korea, China, Mexico and Vietnam," Shin fumed. "If Banksy wants to criticize these things ... I suggest that he learn more about it first."
    Banksy has declined to comment on the intended meaning of the sequence (understandable, since ideally a work of art should speak for itself), though Time argues that the conditions were likely aimed to represent workers in South Korea's northern neighbor.

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  14. Tech

    We Approve, We Guess: The Facebook “Meh” Button


    As much as we might yearn for it in our schadenfreude-riddled hearts, the Facebook "dislike" button just isn't going to happen: It would subject unprepared pockets of the Internet to trolling more inspired than they can imagine. But the current order of things doesn't work for us either: Right now, your only options are to "Like" something or forever hold your peace. What to do?

    Ken Murphy has one solution in mind for saying, "I tepidly accept this thing that you are writing about or showing me on Facebook": a "meh" button.

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  15. Entertainment

    Today Is Lisa Simpson’s Wedding Day

    Yesterday, someone famous got married, and it was supposedly a pretty big deal. But today marks the date of a wedding that we've been anticipating for the past 15 years: Lisa Simpson's, as foretold in Simpsons Season 6.

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