1. Entertainment

    It’s Official: J.K. Rowling Will Write a Staged Prequel to Harry Potter

    We all knew that J.K. Rowling wasn't going to be able to stay away from her beloved wizarding franchise for very long after it ended, but we all sort of thought that she'd be too busy with Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them to get much else done. Apparently, however, she's looking to bring the Boy Who Lived to live theater as well.

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  2. Tech

    WiredArts Fest Encourages Audience to Tweet During Shows

    I don't think there is a rule in society that is both so universally agreed upon, but still ignored as not using a cell phone in a theater. Everyone hates it, but everyone does it at some point. At the WiredArts Fest, though, not only is cell phone use allowed -- it's downright encouraged. They want you tweeting about the shows, snapping pictures with Instagram, and even streaming the events from the comfort of your home. It's a new approach to the relationship between social media and theater, and it's one I'm kind of into.

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  3. Tech

    Tweet Seats Added to Minnesota Theater Specifically for Social Media Usage, End Clearly Nigh

    Bits and pieces of theaters being sectioned off for smartphone usage isn't exactly a new idea, but it's still depressing whenever it crops up. Call me a purist, but my preference is to engage with the screen or cast as if there weren't another soul in attendance. As we increasing move towards an age where folks can't bear to be separated from the phones for even a few hours, it looks like I'll be increasingly in the minority. As another nail in that coffin, Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota began offering tweet seats this week so the audience can engage with the show via platforms like Twitter.

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  4. Weird

    Could Tweet Seats In Theaters Be The New Smoking Section?

    It's become something of a mantra in the cinema and theater alike: Please turn off your cellphones before the performance begins. Depending on where you are, some of these warnings are a bit more lighthearted while others are a little more matter-of-fact, but either way it's practically inevitable that whatever movie, musical, or play you are seeing, you'll be asked to turn off your cellphone beforehand. Practically. A fad that bucks this trend is becoming more widely adopted. Commonly referred to as "tweet seats," a phenomenon encouraging the use of cellphones during a performance is spreading, to mixed reviews.

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