1. Entertainment

    Now You Can Give Locking Yourself Out of the House Geeky Flair with This Life-Size HAL 9000 Replica [Video]

    There's two ways you can get your hands on a movie-accurate replica of the nefarious artificial intelligence HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The first -- provided you have no qualms with the destruction of property and your own reputation -- is smashing open the display case of cinematic tchotchkes at Planet Hollywood. The second, and comparatively least felonious, option is shelling out an honest buck for a HAL 9000 of your own. Currently on sale at ThinkGeek, every adult geek's one stop shop for frivolous spending, this reproduction of everyone's favorite wall-mounted A.I. unit comes programmed with 15 chillingly calm phrases and other goodies sure to make innocuous trips across the living room into a paranoid experience!

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  2. Entertainment

    Make Your Geek Dream A Geek Reality With ThinkGeek’s IdeaFactory

    Have you ever had an idea that keeps you up at night because it's just that awesome? Have you ever seen the next big thing in geekdom so clearly in your head that you could reach out and touch it? Have you ever wanted to have some amount of money? Well, you're in luck. GeekLabs, the R&D team behind the wonderfully nerdtastic webshop, ThinkGeek, is launching a shiny new project to help average everyday geeks realize their visions of a hot new product. It's called the IdeaFactory, and it'll take your idea and make a real life product out of it. Learn all about it after the jump.

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  3. Tech

    GLaDOS PotatOS is Now a Thing You Can Buy

    Hey, remember that bit in Portal 2 where evil computer and show-stealer GLaDOS gets turned into a potato-powered science fair project? Well, now you can relieve the experience of running around while being berated by an inert tuber with a blinking light stuck to it with the PotatOS from ThinkGeek. Happy days are here again!

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  4. Gaming

    Portal 2 Shower Curtains Contain Less Than 1% Mercury

    If you are getting a little sick of your tastefully designed pastel blue shower curtain with the clear liner that doesn't have enough magnets in the bottom to keep it attached to the tub, and you really dig Portal, you should probably head on over to ThinkGeek and get yourself the above Aperture Laboratories branded shower curtain. If you are willing to drop $19.99, you can show your bathroom how much you love Portal, as well as obtain what is probably the only shower curtain in existence with a footnote, which lets you know that your brand new shower curtain contains less than 1% mercury.

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  5. Entertainment

    Power Wheels are for Sissies: Your Child Deserves a Motorized Dalek

    For some parents, passing on their genetic material to their offspring is only half the fun. Some successfully pass on their taste in entertainment, like an appreciation for popular recently resuscitated British sci-fi drama Doctor Who. These little Whovians are clearly of discriminating taste, which is why they require an inflatable, motorized Dalek they can ride around in. Packing a top speed of 2 mph and 10 authentic Dalek phrases (most related to extermination, one presumes), this red Dalek is incapable of hovering. Which, as any true fan of the series would agree, is proper for Daleks.

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  6. Tech

    Halfway Through ThinkGeek’s SysAdmin Pageant, Some Poetry

    We've been asked along with The Mary Sue to help adjudicate the ThinkGeek's annual SysAdmin Pageant. Based off your submissions, we'll be choosing the best and most worthy SysAdmin King to reign for 2011. If you have a sysadmin that is in dire need of getting some recognition, be sure to nominate them! It's a painless process, honors a no-doubt hard working and under-appreciated person, and could win your SysAdmin (yes, yours!) some totally awesome prizes -- including $50 in movie tickets from Geekosystem. So get out there, and nominate! The contest is open until midnight on the 28th, so there's still plenty of time before a new SysAdmin King and Queen are crowned! With that in mind, we'd like to share with you some choice excerpts from the nominations, starting with this shocking look at what a SysAdmin likely deals with on a daily basis.
    Picture if you will, your grandmother, Aunt Edith and your Amish cousin on rumspringa using a computer. Now bump that number from 3 to about 120 people and you'll find yourself at my place of employment.

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  7. Tech

    The Typescreen: If Only

    British gift company Spinning Hat had us briefly aswoon over the Typescreen, a typewriter which, for the reasonable price of £35.00, allows users to reinvigorate the hunt-and-peck touchscreen typing on the iPad and the iPad 2 with the sophistication of a classic typewriter.

    After 16 months of intense product design and laborious research and development we are proud to say that our wishes (and hopefully yours) have finally come true! From texting to web browsing, the new Spinning Hat Typescreen™ gives you all modern functionality of an iPad with the sleek classic feel of retro typewriters that we all miss so dearly.
    Who needs the Magic Keyboard when you've got this? Alas: It's only an April Fool's joke.  C'mon Spinning Hat and/or ThinkGeek, make this happen. (Spinning Hat via Reddit)

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  8. Tech

    April Fools’ Day 2011 Across the Web

    It's April Fools' Day, and you know what that means: All of your favorite tech companies, geek brands, and publications have poured inordinate amounts of time and effort into messing with you. But do you want to be momentarily fooled by their messings-with, or, what's worse, not see them at all as you browse the Internet today? No, of course not. Luckily, Geekosystem is here to help:

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  9. Gaming

    Your Fridge is Crying Out for Minecraft Magnets

    You love Minecraft, but you can't always be at your computer constructing/destroying edifices and fleeing from crudely shaped monsters. For those times, ThinkGeek has brought us the officially licensed and blessed-by-Notch Minecraft magnets. Though the principle behind their function remains a miraculous mystery, these magnetic squares allow you to plan your next Minecraft creation or construct blocky cutaway views against most metallic surfaces. Of course, you'll have to wait until magnets 1.3 for leaf decay, but it's never been easier to find gold or make bookshelves. The only thing you have to watch out for is your creations being destroyed by Creepers (aka. your room-mate Phil). (ThinkGeek via NotCot)

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  10. Entertainment

    Geek Icon Trading Cards

    Las year, artist Len Peralta was working on a project in which he designed 52 trading cards featuring geek culture icons. These cards, dubbed Geek a Week, featured many mainstream and lesser-known geek icons, dressed up in other geek-related fashions, doubling the fangasm. I once thought Felicia Day and Portal only happened in my wistful dreams, yet Peralta made it somewhat closer to reality, dressing her up as Chell, Portal's protagonist who is doomed to android hell. And look, because of the portal effect, there's infinite Felicia Day, which is a pretty good amount of that. There's also Weird Al, Penn & Teller, Jonathan Coulton, and Veronica Belmont dressed up as a blue Kratos (for some reason), and many other icons you probably follow on Twitter.

    ThinkGeek has the exclusive rights at printing and selling the cards, so make sure to head over there and check them out. The sets are currently selling in packs of 8, which some may realize doesn't evenly divide into 52, and no, it doesn't seem the ThinkGeek product listing makes mention of what that last pack will contain. For now, there's only one way to find out!

    (ThinkGeek via Kotaku)

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  11. Gaming

    iCade, The iPad Arcade Cabinet, Is Now a Reality

    Remember the iCade, the iPad-powered arcade cabinet with which ThinkGeek buoyed our nerdy hopes on April Fool's Day, only to crush them thereafter? Well, OhGizmo!'s Andrew Liszewski confirms from CES that it has become an actual, real product, thanks to ION Audio and Atari, that it "feels just fantastic," equipped with more buttons than the original ThinkGeek mockup, and that it will be coming soon for $100. ION:
    The arcade action starts with the retro-gaming classic Asteroids and continues with many other Atari arcade titles. In addition to the extensive Atari library, new and existing apps can be easily updated to work with iCADE. Grab hold of iCADE's full-sized joystick and smash the eight arcade buttons for commanding control of iPad's on-screen action.
    If the iCade has you involuntarily salivating, also check out ThinkGeek's JOYSTICK-IT, a wireless, battery-less joystick for iPads and other tablet devices. (via OhGizmo! | ThinkGeek)

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  12. Gaming

    First Official Minecraft T-Shirts Available at ThinkGeek

    The fine geek retailers and clothiers at ThinkGeek have the exclusive on the first officially licensed Minecraft clothes, sanctioned by Minecraft creator/indie gaming demigod Notch himself, who writes that more merchandise will eventually be coming. Left: Creeper shirt, inspired by everyone's favorite pixel-faced, hard work-destroying green monsters. 100% cotton, Irish green, $19.99-$21.99. Right: Minecraft Union shirt, for when the redstone computer-building avatar grunts band together and revolt.  Black, $19.99-$21.99. >>>See also: 21 amazing Minecraft creations. (via Notch | Creeper shirt, Minecraft Union shirt)

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  13. Weird

    ThinkGeek’s “Canned Unicorn Meat” Gag Gift Delayed at German Border as Rare Meat

    When the geek accessorizers at ThinkGeek pretended to sell "Canned Unicorn Meat" on April Fools' Day, it generated so much interest that they turned it into a real product, although it consists of a dismembered stuffed unicorn in a can rather than the sparkly chunks that appear on the packaging. Try telling that to German customs authorities, though: A ThinkGeek customer named Ingomar reports that her order has been held up at the border because "it's supposedly food and meat of a 'rare' animal." That is quite a rare animal indeed.

    Folks, I just learned that it is not very helpful to describe the "canned unicorn meat" as "canned unicorn meat" on the invoice when trying to import this. Customs get really irritated as it's supposedly food and meat of a "rare" animal. For the sake of keeping things smooth please label it as "canned unicorn (plush toy)" or something less conspicuous. My delicous unicorn is stuck in customs for almost a week now. Best regards, Ingomar
    Canned Unicorn Meat previously got ThinkGeek in hot water with the National Pork Board, which sent it a cease-and-desist because the product used the slogan "The Other White Meat." (ThinkGeek via @toptweets)

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  14. Gaming

    ThinkGeek Cunningly Adopts the “XBox Model”


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  15. Weird

    The Beer-Opening T-Shirt

    Do you want to protect your body from the elements and be able to open beer bottles, all without having to fumble with pesky pockets? ThinkGeek (who else?) has you covered: Their BeerBot bottle opening t-shirt ("For responsible meatbags aged 21+") features a protruding hook-hand which you can use to pop open brewskis. Do be careful if you wear it on a crowded subway, lest you yank someone's clothes off.

    ThinkGeek's demo video below:

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