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    Let’s Put a Smile on That Face: Someone Mashed Up the Nolan and Burton Batman Films

    Are they taking nominations for the MacArthur Fellows Program? We only ask because the person who made this series of mashup photos combining the Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton Batman films is a genius of the highest order. user Butcher Billy is the one behind this particular set of wonders, and we'd need Joker gas to smile more than we have at their work.

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    Michael Keaton Talks Batman, Beetlejuice, and the New Robocop on WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

    WTF with Marc Maron is one of the most popular, and best, podcasts on the Internet. It's on the radar of most comedy geeks, but Maron interviews people from a few different worlds, including the world of Hollywood. The latest episode features an interview with Michael Keaton, who many forget started as a comic, and the two talked about Batman, Beetlejuice, and Keaton's role in the upcoming Robocop reboot.

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    This Tim Burton Cake is Good Enough to Eat, Assuming it Doesn’t Eat You First

    At Geekosystem, we've covered cakes and we've covered zoetropes, but rarely have to the two intersected. That changes today, with this astonishing zoetrope cake by animator and foodie Alexandre DUBOSC, inspired by the works of Tim Burton. Folks, you need to see this. Video, after the break.

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    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Author Scripting Tim Burton Film Dark Shadows

    Seth Grahame-Smith, author of both Pride and Prejudice and Zombie and the more recent but equally ridiculous Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, is about to get one more reason to be beloved by the eccentric geek community: He has been chosen to write the script for the next big Tim Burton-Johnny Depp collaboration, Dark Shadows. The film is to be based off the gothic soap opera series of the same name that ran on ABC in the last 60s and early 70s. Perhaps as cool as the fact that such an out-there writer earned this opportunity is the way in which he earned it.

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    Why Remaking The Wizard of Oz Is a Really Bad Idea

    Fresh on the heels of Alice in Wonderland's box office success, rumors are flying about not one, but two feature film remakes of The Wizard of Oz.  Now, there's more than one way to retell a story, and there are a few ways to redo Wizard that would probably work.  The odds of Hollywood actually finding those particular ways is unlikely.

    More and more often these days, I find myself shouting at movie trailers and announcements: "WHY would you remake that?" Clash of the TitansThe Karate Kid? My Fair Lady?

    I'd like to take some time and explain when a remake generally isn't a good idea, and when it generally is, and whether or not this means that The Wizard of Oz is something we should revisit.

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    Tim Burton Will Produce Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

    Yesterday, the Internet spontaneously embraced the book trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter; today, the book came out (with a reported half-million dollar advance); now comes the news that Tim Burton will produce a movie based on the book. Not bad for a two-day stretch:

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  7. Weird

    All of Alice in Wonderland, One Tattoo

    Medway, MA-based tattoo artist Holly Azzara has condensed the story of Alice in Wonderland -- from rabbit hole to Cheshire Cat to Red Queen -- into one glorious full-back, double-sleeve tattoo.

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  8. Weird

    Disney Launching New Clothing Line Aimed At…Goths?

    Disney has a long history of taking its princess characters and turning them into merchandising juggernauts the likes of which the world has never seen (since Star Wars, that is.) Their mission continues, with a movie you may not have thought of, and to a sub-culture that you wouldn't think would be very receptive to overtures from "The Happpiest Place on Earth." But, according to The Wall Street Journal, Disney has licensed a line of clothing, accessories, and fragrances based on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland to Hot Topic, aimed at "young women and teenage girls, particularly those who gravitate to darkly romantic entertainment like the "Twilight" series." Translation: goths.

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