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    HBO CEO Teases Everyone With Talk of Bundling HBO Go With Internet Service

    If you want to have your Game of Thrones and watch it where you like, there's HBO Go, a streaming service not unlike Netflix -- except it isn't like Netflix, because you can have Netflix all by itself. To have HBO Go, you need to have HBO, the cable service. Well, that could potentially change here soon. Possibly. Maybe. Have we mentioned it's pretty tenuous?

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  2. Tech

    Time Warner and AT&T Want Some of That Sweet Google Fiber Deal, Because of Course They Do

    Google Fiber -- Google's incredible Internet service -- is set to make some pretty impressive waves in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS when it finally rolls out. We know this, Google knows this, the citizens of Kansas City know this, and now it's apparent that Time Warner and AT&T know this too. See, Google got a series of sweet deals out of Kansas City to build up the infrastructure required to host gigabit Internet connections and the other carriers in the area want a slice of that pie, because of course they do.

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    Free Public Wi-Fi Almost Everywhere in New York for Cablevision, Comcast, and Time Warner Customers

    This is fantastic news for customers of the big three cable companies in New York and thereabouts: Cablevision, Comcast, and Time Warner have just announced a joint agreement allowing customers of any of the three companies to freely access public Wi-Fi hotspots belonging to any of the three in the New York metropolitan area. Customers in Connecticut and New Jersey will also be able to reap the benefits.

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    Flashback From 1998: When Altavista, Lycos, And Blue Mountain Arts Ruled the Web

    (Before we dig too far into this, you may want to visit the 56k Modem Emulator, to establish the proper sonic mood. Ah, that beloved squeal.) A colleague (who is handsome and wise) recently discovered an old Media Metrix report delineating "World Wide Web Audience Ratings" for December 1998. It's a remarkable study, categorizing thousands of sites and conglomerated web companies. This thing is like finding election results from 1880; like coming across the original Billboard music chart. It looks familiar, like you should know all of the component elements, but it's unrecognizable. As though they're all brands made up for movies. The Rankings Home and Work, Combined We'll start where the report starts - at those sites most popular when combining home and work visits. (Please see above diagram for clarification.) Before I list them, I want you to try and think up what the top fifty websites were in 1998. Got it? Yeah, you're wrong:

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