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    Room for One More? Mythbusters Prove Leonardo DiCaprio Could Fit On the Raft In Titanic

    The ending of the movie Titanic has been a cinematic bone of contention for the ages. Relationships have been shattered and children disowned as a result of the senseless bickering between the two camps --  folks who take Cameron at his word that the wardrobe door could not have preserved the lives of both star-crossed lovers, and other people (yours truly included) who have always believed that there was pretty clearly room for two people, and the whole ending was a piece of idiocy that ruined an otherwise excellent film. Thanks to the Mythbusters crew, we can now shorten the title of the second camp -- you can just refer to us as "the people who were right." Want proof that both Jack and Rose could have lived to see another day, bet married, and probably grow sick of one another in due time? Let's go to the tape.

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  2. Weird

    Billionaire Plans to Build a Titanic Replica, Don’t Tell Him It’s Been Done

    Australian billionaire Clive Palmer made his money in mining and is now looking to come out of the ground and head to the open seas by building an exact replica of the ill-fated ocean liner Titanic. Despite this exact scenario being the underlying folly in numerous works of fiction, it completely ignores the fact that the Titanic already had two sequels: Its sister ships Olympic and Britannic.

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  3. Science

    New CGI Envisioning of How the Titanic Actually Sank [Video]

    Everyone knows that the Titanic sank almost 100 years ago when it hit an iceberg. That much is common knowledge. How exactly it sank, on the other hand, has been the focus of plenty of speculation. As a lead up for a new documentary on the legendary disaster that will air this Sunday, National Geographic has released a new CGI rendering of what the disaster looked like according to James Cameron and his team of researchers. 100 years later and we're still trying to nail down the details, but we've figured out one thing for sure: Never call your ship unsinkable out loud, it's bad luck.

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  4. Science

    Titanic Wreckage Being Consumed by Massive Super-Organism

    The Titanic has loomed large in the public imagination since her sinking in 1912, bolstered by her rediscovery in 1985, and a certain late-90s film. However, the boat will not be large for much longer, as it is being consumed by metal-munching bacteria. The stalactite-like structures that the bacteria leave behind, called "rusticles," have been observed since the wreck's first exploration in 1986. However, these bacteria aren't working alone. Instead, they have formed a massive colony that functions like a single organism.

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  5. Weird

    (Less Than) 101 Geeky Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

    You can try to be too cool for Valentine's Day all you like, but it's going to happen anyway, and you can't avoid it. You don't have to like it, because it's nearly impossible to like a 99% commercial holiday. But don't try to escape it, because there is no escape. It is a zombie out to get you, and it's here. (You were probably one of those "Was there some kind of game happening today?" people on Super Bowl Sunday. Guess what? Everyone knew that you knew there was a game that day.) But in case there is still a tiny, microscopic neutron inside of you that feels an urge to do something, even something weird, snarky, or slightly mean, then here are some (mostly) printable Valentine's Day cards just for you, lovingly scraped from a few corners of the Web.

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  6. Science

    Haunting Underwater Video of the Titanic‘s Sunken Remains

    Since earlier this month, Expedition Titanic has been using robots to take photos and video of the Titanic, which lies two-and-a-half miles below the ocean's surface, along with sonar and other measurements to survey a "full inventory of the ship's artifacts." They recently had to come back to shore due to bad weather caused by Hurricane Danielle, but they've brought with them some fascinating footage of the sunken ship's mouldering bow.

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  7. Entertainment

    Titanic 2 Trailer: WHY?

    How could this movie possibly be entertaining? If you use the phrase "history is repeating itself" in a trailer for a movie about the Titanic, where does your suspense lie? What element of the plot of this film am I supposed to care about while I watch the film if I can already tell you the entire plot right now? Will there be some Shyamalan twist to make this actually a worthwhile concept? In what world would anyone think it was at all smart or tactful to name a ship Titanic II? These questions and many, many more seem to have only the most painful of answers based on the trailer below. I mean, I don't usually get outright angry at a movie for looking like it'll be terrible, but this is just outrageous, with an emphasis on the outrage. You take a movie that's been done to death, and is getting an undeserved 3D rerelease anyway, and you make a worse version of the exact same movie! OK, well, there's an interview you can listen to where director Shane Van Dyke explains his intentions with the sub-million-dollar budget film. And by "explains his intentions," I mean he makes the movie sound even more terrible than it already looks. At least it's straight-to-DVD. Now that I've made this sound super appealing and worth watching, here's the actual trailer:

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  8. Entertainment

    Crash and Berg: James Cameron to Release Titanic in 3-D

    Yes, James Cameron, Avatar did really happen and it was pretty cool. But that doesn't mean you need to go back into your past and put everything into 3-D, no matter how much they celebrate the multiple-of-tenth anniversary of something. The Titanic is turning 100 in 2012, and what better way to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the tragic tale than by inundating theaters with crazed Titanic film fans again. There are seriously people who went to see this film more times than its been years since the Titanic crashed. And 15 years later there will be an entire new generation of young DiCaprio enthusiasts to horde into the multiplex. There's money to be made here for sure, but couldn't we get a 3-D version of a movie that makes more sense in 3-D? You know, like anything else? There were rumors that this (travesty) might happen, but they were confirmed at All Things Digital. Here's a brief telling of said confirmation, courtesy of a Switched article with a distinctly Cameron-is-full-of-himeself tone:

    Somewhere between talking about all things James Cameron, Hollywood, and James Cameron, the director was asked about the possibility of a 3-D Titanic re-release. Mincing no words, he responded, "We're not thinking about doing that, we're doing it. We'll have it ready for the ship's 100th anniversary."

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  9. Entertainment

    When Titanic Beat Star Wars, Lucas Bought Cameron this Ad

    In 1998, Titanic topped Star Wars as the #1 box office movie of all time. In congratulations, George Lucas bought this full-page ad in Variety, in which the Star Wars crew jumps out of the sinking ship and into the ocean of second place. (Here's the fully-sized ad.)

    Apparently, it is a Hollywood tradition for directors who have their #1 records smashed to take out full page ads congratulating the new record-holders. The good people of Reddit have dug up two more such ads:

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