Tom Marshburn

  1. Science

    Watch Astronaut Tom Marshburn Drop Stuff Because Gravity [Video]

    Here's a video from the ReelNASA YouTube channel that shows astronaut Tom Marshburn trying to explain the Soyuz spacecraft. The problem is that Marshburn returned to Earth from the International Space Station back in May and hasn't quite gotten used to gravity just yet. Hilarity ensues.

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  2. Space

    Watch The Live Stream of ISS Astronauts Trying to Fix The Ammonia Leak [Updating]

    There's an ammonia leak on the International Space Station, and at the time of this writing astronauts Christopher Cassidy and Tom Marshburn are on a spacewalk to fix it. So far they've reported there's "no smoking gun" in terms of where the leak is coming from, but their suits feature cameras, so you can watch the whole thing streaming live, and that's amazing.

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