1. Tech

    GoldieBlox Is Back with Another Adorable Commercial, Hopefully They Cleared the Song This Time

    GoldieBlox got into some trouble with The Beastie Boyz over one of their earlier commercials that parodied the song "Girls," but they won't let that keep them down. They're back with a new commercial showing off their engineering toys for girls, and they've brought some interesting statistics along with them.

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  2. Entertainment

    Teach Your Kids About Ghostbusters With This Custom Made Ecto-1 Cozy Coupe

    We're all still in mourning of the passing of fallen Ghostbuster Harold Ramis, but maybe we can channel that grief into something productive and worthwhile. You know, like modifying a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe car to look like the car Egon Spengler drove around in while chasing down the supernatural forces that threaten our city.

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  3. Entertainment

    Turn Your Desk Into the Mushroom Kingdom, Starting With This Mario Action Figure

    Remember when you were a kid and you wanted all the Nintendo toys you could possibly own, but your parents wouldn't buy them all for you? You're now an adult, presumably with disposable income, and you are also now able to make your own purchasing decisions. Bandai Tamashi Nations knows this about you. Oh God, do they know this.

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  4. Tech

    We Tested (and Broke) the ThinkGizmos Turbo Drone Micro Quadcopter, Here’s What We Thought

    The nice people at sent us this adorable little drone to test out. It's the ThinkGizmos Turbo Drone Micro Quadcopter. We had dreams of interoffice aerial dominance, but our hopes were dashed when we realized this thing takes skill to fly—skill we do not have.

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  5. Tech

    Girls and (Beastie) Boys Team Up for Engineering Toys for Girls

    We've seen Goldie Blox, a toy line to get young girls into engineering, over on our sister site The Mary Sue. Their latest commercial stands out by combining a few of our favorite things: the Beastie Boys, toys, and a Rube Goldberg device. Check it out!

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  6. Weird

    McDonald’s Japan Will Offer Super Mario Toys In Happy Meals, We’re Not Jealous At All

    Getting a toy from a McDonald's Happy Meal was one life's awesomest moments as a kid. Starting November 22, lucky customers of McDonald's Japan can re-live that joy, when they start giving away these super-rad Super Mario toys!

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  7. Tech

    Amazing Toy Series Lets Kids Customize Their Own Adorable Robot

    You know what's better than playing with robots? Getting to build your own robots and then draw awesome faces and clothing on them using only your imagination. That's the dream Ultra Ordinaire wants to make into a reality with their line of Play Communs toys, which they unveiled at MakerFaire this year. Man, how did we miss these?

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  8. Space

    An Astronaut Made Her Son a Dinosaur Toy In Space, All Other Toys Can Just Stop

    If you've got some spare time on your hands and you happen to be away from your kid, it might be adorable to make them a cute little toy. If you're an astronaut missing your son, and you make him a dinosaur toy out of scraps left around the International Space Station, you are Mother of the Year.

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  9. Tech

    We Want To Stop Doing Everything And Just Play With Kinetic Sand [VIDEO]

    Kinetic Sand is potentially the most enthralling children's toy we've ever seen. It's like putty, but without the smell or the mess. It sticks to itself. It looks like molten lava, if lava was crumbly and made you happy when you touched it. Just watching the video is soothing. We need to get our hands on some of this, stat.

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  10. Entertainment

    Leaked Photo of 12th Doctor Action Figure Looks Sufficiently Creepy

    As excited as we all were to find out who'd be playing the next Doctor on Doctor Who, you can bet that the toy industry was probably three times as excited for all the merchandise they'll be able to make. In fact, there's already an unpainted action figure model of actor Peter Capaldi's head making the rounds online.

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  11. Tech

    LEGO Architecture Studio Does Away With Instructions to Inspire Future Builders

    LEGO wants to help you unleash your inner Ted Mosby by offering a set specifically designed to, well, let you design. LEGO Architecture Studio is a 1,210-piece set that doesn't include instructions on how to build anything in particular. What it does have is a guide explaining basic architectural concepts. It also has so many white bricks.

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  12. Gaming

    Now You Can Reenact Final Fantasy VII On Your Desk With These 3D Printed Figures

    While Final Fantasy VII certainly stands up to the test of time, its graphics are very much rooted in the blocky 32-bit style that was so typical of mid '90s PS1 games. You know what else that graphics style is really great for, though? 3D printing, as animator Joaquin Baldwin found out. Now you can buy your very own models!

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  13. Tech

    SOCCKET Power-Generating Soccer Ball Gets a Kickstarter to Expand Distribution

    SOCCKET is one of the neater ideas in green energy I've been following lately. A durable soccer ball that houses a small generator, SOCCKET gets charged up when kids play with it -- just 30 minutes of getting kicked around provides enough juice to power the included LED lamp for up to three hours. The project has been tested, revamped and improved in communities around the developing world, and as of this week, they're trying to boost their ability to produce the power-generating playthings with a Kickstarter that's worth at least your attention -- and probably a little bit of your money, too.

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  14. Entertainment

    This LEGO X-Wing Starfighter’s the King of All LEGO Stars Wars Merchandise

    LEGO is one of those companies that constantly and consistently produce odds and ends that are worth purchasing. They're also notorious for supporting whatever's going on in popular culture with themed sets. Case in point, the company's revealed that a new Star Wars X-wing starfighter set will be coming out in May! Rejoice! Probably the only unfortunate part is the cost, but if you're a real enthusiast that shouldn't stop you, should it?

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  15. Entertainment

    One Shall Stand, One Shall Take a Seat on This Papercraft Transformers Couch

    When they're not ripping out each other's circuits or trading histrionic catchphrases back and forth, even the mightiest of Autobot and Decepticon warriors enjoys kicking back and letting all their troubles and PTSD melt away on the comfort of their living room couch. Sadly, never has this piece of home furnishing been made in the same scale as Transformers figures of our youth, forced to remain standing and never experience the simple pleasure of reclining back or laying their metallic heads on an armrest -- until now! Takara Tomy, the Japanese manufacturer of Transformers toys, has finally heard our incessant pleas for a practical, yet stylish, couch fit for Optimus Prime and is currently offering printable papercraft furniture on the their official website. So if you're handy with a pair of scissors and tape, this is something you owe it to yourself to check out.

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