1. Entertainment

    New Ninja Turtles “Brothers” TV Spot Shows Splinter, More Shots of Random Destruction

    Amidst all of the fuss over the Turtles new noses, new origins, and new propensity to be surrounded by explosions and toppling buildings, the new Ninja Turtles TV spot wants to remind us that they're also a family with a rat for a dad. Get your first look at Splinter, a rocket-powered skateboard, and Will Arnett looking freaked out.

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  2. Entertainment

    Yup, That Movie About a Swimming T-Rex May Be Coming to Theaters Next Week

    So you want to make a low-budget Godzilla rip off about a cartoonish dog-paddling T-Rex and then release it on the theater-going public? Yup, then a month before the highly anticipated Godzilla remake is definitely the best time to do that.

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  3. Entertainment

    New X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Sets the Future’s Dark Mood, Oh, and Sentinels

    The future is almost here! Well, Days of Future Past, anyway, and we finally got another trailer ahead of the movie's release on May 23rd. This one's got a lot of moody voiceover and exposition about the story before your requisite dose of killer robots and action, and it's looking pretty great.

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  4. Weird

    The Need For Speed Trailer Is Way Better With Cats and RC Cars

    The new Need for Speed with Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul is getting pretty dismal reviews (quelle suprise), so The Pet Collective decided to improve it - how else? - with cats! And not only did they replace all the actors with kitties, but they also put the cats in tiny remote-controlled cars. It's Knead for Speed, and it's purr-fect.

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  5. Entertainment

    FCC Fines Networks Millions for Airing Olympus Has Fallen Emergency Alert Trailer

    When the Olympus Has Fallen trailer aired last year, you were being subjected to dangerous desensitization to more than just crappy movies: Your innate ability to be mildly inconvenienced brought to a state of alert by the Emergency Alert System was damaged when networks aired the trailer. But don't worry, the FCC is on it.

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  6. Entertainment

    Here’s The Opening Number From Muppets Most Wanted

    Composer Brett McKenzie and the whole Henson family, thank you for helping make the long wait until Muppets Most Wanted comes out on the 21st a little more bearable. "We're Doing A Sequel" has all the self awareness, eye bugging, and old school Hollywood pizzazz we need to make it through one more Muppetless month.

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  7. Entertainment

    The Official Trailer for Godzilla Is Here, and It Looks Amazing

    Finally! After leaked teaser trailers, actual teaser trailers, and a tease of Godzilla's roar that made us pee a bit, we've got a full length trailer featuring a really angry Bryan Cranston, lots of destruction footage, and a little more insight into what shape the movie's story will take. Feel free to watch and get really, really excited with us.

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  8. Entertainment

    The Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Is So Much Fun With the Parks and Rec Theme Song [Video]

    What's the best thing about Chris Pratt being in Guardians of the Galaxy aside from Chris Pratt being generally a delight? All of the Parks and Rec jokes, of course. Just a day after the official trailer dropped, the Internet has brought us a Parks and Rec version, and it's everything you ever dreamed it would be.

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  9. Entertainment

    Here’s the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer Teased During the Super Bowl [Video]

    "Nerds" and "people who like football" aren't entirely mutually exclusive, but I'm guessing that some of you may have missed the new trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier that was teased during last night's Super Bowl. A short teaser with the National Anthem in the background played and then directed viewers to this one.

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  10. Entertainment

    Here’s a Hilarious Homemade Shot-for-Shot Remake of the RoboCop Trailer to Get Your Day Going [Video]

    We've got mixed feelings on the RoboCop remake. The first trailer got us really excited, but now we've seen some more action movie-style trailers that haven't left us feeling so hopeful. Maybe that's why we enjoy this homemade recreation of one of the trailers so much. Or, it could be that it reminds us of Home Movies. Whichever.

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  11. Space

    The New Trailer for Cosmos With Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Spectacular [Video]

    Neil deGrasse Tyson and Cosmos were pretty much made for each other, and this new trailer from FOX is more like a trailer for a Hollywood epic than a science show, because there's no reason it shouldn't be just that exciting. So give it a watch and get a bit emotional that Carl Sagan isn't around to see it, because it would do him proud.

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  12. Entertainment

    The Star Trek: Derp Edition Trailer Is The Final Frontier In Hilarity

    We once told you that the Star Wars: Derp Edition trailer was the best-ever use of bloopers. Then, we were pretty sure that award actually went to The Avengers: Derp Edition. But the folks at Slacktory have returned to prove us wrong, yet again, with this herp-derptastic edit of Star Trek (2009). No, it's not just Star Trek Into Darkness.

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  13. Entertainment

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 International Trailer Focuses More on Peter than CGI, and Is Better for It

    You know what every movie has these days? Giant budgets, extra villains (Christopher Nolan's Bat-trilogy somehow managed more than one baddie in each), and too much computer animation. You know what they don't all have? Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, and the international Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer uses that to its advantage.

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  14. Entertainment

    The First Trailer For Nolan’s Interstellar Will Make You Cry

    Christopher Nolan's new flick Interstellar may not hit theatres for another year, but the first trailer already has us stoked - and teary-eyed. See if you can make it through this beautiful ode to human ingenuity and space travel without getting a little misty. Go ahead.

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  15. Entertainment

    Batkid Rises Trailer Gets Us All Choked up Again, Should Be a Real Movie [Video]

    Wait! Don't put your tissues away just yet. You're going to need something to dry your eyes after watching the Batkid Rises trailer. If you missed the most adorable thing ever, five-year-old leukemia patient Miles saved San Francisco (and our faith in humanity) last week as Batkid, and now the footage has spawned this awesome trailer.

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