1. Entertainment

    Documentary About World’s Only Penis Museum Is Reportedly a Tearjerker

    Much has been made of the Iceland Phallological Museum's search for a human penis to complete its collection--and now there's a documentary coming (ahem) to theaters this April that chronicles the museum's quest for one last endowment.

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  2. Entertainment

    The Final Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer Is Here

    Sony just premiered what they claim is the "final" Amazing Spider Man 2 trailer on their Facebook page. Check it out for web-based puns/Gwen Stacy anxiety/surprisingly epic choir music.

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  3. Entertainment

    There’s a New Amazing Spider-Man 2 International Trailer and Daaaaaaaaamn, ‘Splosions!

    Amazing Spider-Man 2 already looked pretty good. The trailers and footage we've seen so far have been great, but this new international trailer is bananas. It does a great job of balancing the idea that this movie is about characters and not just explosions with the fact that explosions are really cool.

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  4. Entertainment

    Marvel Also Dropped an International Trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Check it Out

    That incredible Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer that debuted during the Super Great Football Match Bowl has a sidekick! Marvel also released this international trailer. They're obviously similar, but there's some new stuff here as well. Notably a little bit more Redford. Enjoy, true believers!

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  5. Entertainment

    Netflix Hypes Their Streaming Fireplace For Your Home With Trailer and Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Video

    Sadly, not everyone has a fireplace, but if you have Netflix you don't need one thanks to Fireplace For Your Home which is exactly what the title implies. It's a series of hour-long videos of wood burning in a fire place, and to get everyone pumped, they've released a trailer, and a great behind-the-scenes spoof. Grab some cocoa and enjoy!

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  6. Entertainment

    Jupiter Ascending Gets a Trailer, Looks Sufficiently Action-y [Video]

    Is it just us, or have sci-fi trailers become real predictable lately? Explosions, somebody shouting and falling off of something, a girl in a crazy dress getting admired by adoring subjects -- it's old hat, now. The trailer for Jupiter Ascending falls into a lot of these tropes, but we're hopeful that the actual film will be different.

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  7. Weird

    The Star Wars: Derp Edition Trailer Is The Best-Ever Use Of Blooper Footage

    Last week, we told you about the never-before-seen Star Wars bloopers that had been making their way around the internet. Well, the folks over at Slacktory took that blooper footage and edited it together into a new trailer for Star Wars where everyone is hilariously awful.

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  8. Entertainment

    Watch This Epic Mash-Up Of Every Movie Coming Out In November [VIDEO]

    Movie buffs, did you know there are almost fifty films coming out this month? Lucky for us, the guys over at Pawn Takes Queen Film Trailers made a handy release schedule for November - and then edited together all of the films' trailers into one epic trailer mash-up.

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  9. Entertainment

    In No Uncertain Terms, The Robocop Trailer Looks Amazing

    I think it's fair to call most people's feelings about the Robocop reboot "hesitant optimism," but ermagherd the trailer is incredible. I know an excellent trailer doen't mean an excellent film (see: Man of Steel), but this fills us with hope. Even if the movie is terrible, at least we have two incredible minutes of hope.

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  10. Entertainment

    New Thor: The Dark World Trailer Released, Has a Bunch More Violence [Video]

    The new Thor: The Dark World trailer from San Diego Comic Con is out in time for Geek Week, and so far the film appears to benefit greatly from Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor's deft hand. Regardless of what you thought about the previous Thor movie, this one seems like it's going to ramp the action up a notch.

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  11. Entertainment

    How Many Ronin Does It Take to Make a Keanu Reeves Samurai Movie? 47, Apparently [Video]

    Keanu Reeves hasn't really been up to much lately -- it's been literally years since we've seen him in anything substantial, and that picture of him eating a sandwich on a park bench probably doesn't count. The trailer for 47 Ronin just got released today, though, and it admittedly looks kinda neat. I mean, you know, as far as vaguely exploitative-looking Japanese stories produced by Hollywood with non-Japanese leads go.

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  12. Entertainment

    First Trailer for Escape Plan Reminds Us Why We Love Schwarzenegger and Stallone [Video]

    Fans of classic '80s action films know the masters of over-the-top movie machismo are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. It's been a dream for years to see the two stars team up. Sure, they were both featured in the recent Expendables films, but those were ensemble films at their heart. There were rumors a few years back about the two starring in a movie called The Tomb, and it turns out they were true -- only now the film is named Escape Plan.

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  13. Entertainment

    Andy Dwyer Teams Up With Batman in This Awesome Trailer for The LEGO Movie [Video]

    Guys, guys, guys. Did you know there is an official LEGO movie coming out in 2014? That stars Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie, Will Arnett, Will Ferrell, Nick Offerman, and Liam Neeson? And that it features cameos from some of your favorite DC heroes, mutant turtles that are also ninjas, and Italian Renaissance painters? The trailer recently dropped and it's the greatest thing that's ever happened to anyone in the world. Yes, that's a ridiculous hyperbole and ignores actual important world events like the invention of the wheel, but I don't care about those things right now.

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  14. Entertainment

    Get Your First Glimpse of Benedragon Cumbersmaug in New Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Teaser Trailer

    Feel like you're missing out on all the trailer excitement because you don't play video games or care about E3? Let's hope you like dwarves, then, because director Peter Jackson's got thirteen of them to throw your way, along with a whole forest worth of other mythical Tolkien creatures. The first teaser trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, the upcoming sequel to last year's An Unexpected Journey, just dropped and look pretty dang neat. You know, if you like dwarves. If not, you'll be pleased to know that there's also a dragon this time who sounds like Sherlock Holmes, and he really enjoys killing dwarves. Either way, there's something for everybody.

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  15. Gaming

    Saints Row IV Protagonist Does His Best Dr. Manhattan Impression in New Trailer [Video]

    The Saints Row franchise is the most ridiculous thing I have ever witnessed as a human being. It's like if Volition took Crank 2, replaced Jason Statham with a customizable player character, and upped the insanity about 60 to 70%. The latest trailer for Saints Row IV is exactly as silly as I've come to expect.

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