1. Entertainment

    Audition Reel Contains Just About Every Single Science Fiction Trope [Video]

    In reality, Jacob Fleisher is a successful screenwriter, but in this short video he does a great service to humanity by auditioning for every sci-fi character ever. In doing so, he also runs through just about every single sci-fi trope in the book. The only ones I think he missed would be "it turned out we were the real monsters after all," or maybe a shaggy-God type scenario. Still, a lot of fun.

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  2. Entertainment

    Bad Science in Sci-Fi Movies

    I Love Charts io9 targets bad science tropes in movies, including the instance of sound in space, slow motion in zero gravity, and inconsequential breeding between humans and aliens. Is the assumption that aliens are not so different than you and I really bad science? Or that physics moves the way the writer wants it to? It is science fiction, after all. And how scientifically accurate is "Star Wars" really supposed to be?

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  3. Gaming

    The Intricate, Well-Thought Out Process Behind Video Game Character Design

    I was right. This is exactly how they do this. (I Love Charts via EPICponyz via Blame It On the Voices via Buzzfeed)

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