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    All You Jive Turkeys Gather ‘Round And Watch This Supercut Of People Saying “Jive Turkey” [Video]

    Unless you have a bone to pick with the way your family makes Thanksgiving dinner, you probably wouldn't call anĀ actual turkey a "jive turkey" -- that term is technically meant to denote somebody who makes empty promises. More often than that, though, it's a catch all in '70s comedies for an idiot. Or a white guy. The two overlap quite a bit.

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    This Turkey Dubstep Video is the Greatest Thanksgiving Treat of All

    We do our best to stay current with everything we put up here on Geekosystem, but if there's a better video to end Thanksgiving Day with than this one of two animated turkeys dropping sick nasty dubstep beats from back in May then we don't know what it is. Moreover, we don't even want to hear about it. We couldn't handle anything better than this right now because we're too sleepy and full.

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