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    There’s a Lot More to a Tweet than a Mere 140 Characters [Diagram]

    Sometimes, there's a lot more to 140 characters than just 140 characters: Twitter API/platform developer Raffi Krikorian has created this fascinating diagram of just how much information is contained in a single Tweet, so much of it invisible to the casual user.

    As ReadWriteWeb points out, this is just the beginning: Twitter is soon to add a new feature called "annotations" which will allow developers to attach additional metadata to Tweets.

    "With annotations, Twitter could become a platform for sharing anything, not just 140 characters of text. What will developers do with that data? We can only imagine. Perhaps new apps will allow users to share media like photos, videos and music? Or they'll add more details about a tweeted link? Will you tag your tweets? Share vCards? Create polls? These sorts of innovations will launch shortly and we expect to be surprised and delighted by what the developers come up with."

    Fully-sized metaTweet after the jump:

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