1. Science

    Man-Made Swirling Vortexes of Doom Can Be an Eco-Friendly Power Source

    Whenever we think of tornadoes, more often than not the image of an unstoppable natural engine of destruction wreaking havoc on unsuspecting farmers in rural America typically comes to mind -- that and the 1996 Bill Paxton vehicle Twister. Canadian entrepreneur and engineer Louis Michaud, on the other hand, sees a potentially eco-friendly new source of energy. Meddling with the most primal forces of nature, Michaud has outlined a method to create and harness these swirling vortexes of doom as a means of powering turbines that generate useable energy. The plan may sound like the dastardly machinations of a comic book super villain, but the project has actually piqued the interest of a high-profile financial backer.

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  2. Entertainment

    The Top Five Good Movies About Bad Weather

    If you live anywhere near the Eastern seaboard, then you're probably looking out the window wondering what new unholy snow/slush/sleet/rain/wind mixture they'll come up with next.  While New York City's current "it's raining slush" phenomena doesn't earn us a snow day, it certainly begs us to celebrate the elusive phenomena that is The Good Movie About Bad Weather.  While schlocky disaster films like The Day After Tomorrow set the tin-standard for bad movies about bad weather, the good ones only come around once in a great while.  You know, like El Niño.

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