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    Blue Toad Claims AntiSec’s Leaked Apple UDIDs Are From Them

    Remember those Apple UDIDs leaked by AntiSec last week? A publishing firm known as Blue Toad has come forward saying that the million leaked by the anonymous collective was actually stolen from their database. After some rudimentary checking, Blue Toad found that the data released had a 98% correlation with their own.

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    AntiSec Leaks 1,000,001 Apple UDIDs Obtained From FBI Laptop

    In what looks to be one of the worst privacy disasters yet, the hacking collective known as AntiSec has released a list of 1,000,001 Apple Unique Device Identifiers (UDIDs) that they've allegedly obtained from an FBI breach. This is supposedly from a much larger cache of 12 million UDIDs that the group managed to purloin during their raid. Not only did the files include the UDIDs, but many of these had other identifying information attached, such as usernames, cell phone numbers, and addresses. Lovely.

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