1. Tech

    The UK’s Robot Soldier “Porton Man” Can Sense Chemical Warfare (and Probably Also Your Fear)

    If you thought the US was the only country building an army of robot nightmares, the UK's Porton Man robot soldier will assure you that no corner of the globe is safe from uncanny valley-fueled horror. Guys, I'm pretty sure they robots will make their own soldiers once they reach sentience. No need to help.

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  2. Entertainment

    A Dalek Head Was Found Submerged in a UK Pond, What Is Even Real Anymore?

    Now, you have a handy replacement for your irrational fear that a shark hides in the depths of any body of water you get into! Hey, at least Daleks don't exterminate so well under water. Or at least, it seems like they don't because the one that was recently found in a UK pond was completely broken down—unless that's just what it wants us to think.

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  3. Gaming

    ISP Porn Filters in the UK Accidentally Blocked a League of Legends Update Over Its Filenames

    Proving that new porn filters they've adopted are super effective, some ISPs in the UK have blocked a League of Legends patch. Job well done, guys. Wait, what? There's nothing pornographic about the League of Legends patch, and the obviously high tech porn filters banned it simply for having the letters "sex" in a row in filenames? Well that won't do.

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  4. Weird

    A Ghost Ship Filled With Cannibal Rats Is Headed for Britain, Because Real Life Is Crazy Sometimes

    The Lyubov Orlova is a cruise ship that's been floating around the ocean without its crew, and it has built in defenses in the form of zombie rats. Well, they're actually cannibal rats, but I'm going to go ahead and consider any angry horde that eats its own zombies. Better safe than sorry.

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  5. Weird

    Batman, Robin, a Smurf, and David Hasselhoff Fought Crime in the UK Last Week

    A guy dressed as Robin was assaulted while innocently spending time with friends dressed as Batman, a giant smurf, and David Hasselhoff in the UK last week, and the entire crew sprang into action to catch the attacker. Is it weird that the part of this we're having trouble accepting is someone dressed as Hasselhoff?

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  6. Entertainment

    Here Is David Tennant With A Cat On His Head Because Of Reasons [Video]

    David Tennant is no doubt pretty busy trying to brush up on his American accent in time for Fox's Broadchurch remake to begin filming in January, but as this short video for UK's Virgin Media TiVo service shows, he's got time to put cats on his head. We think you'll agree that everyone is better off for it.

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  7. Weird

    Fox Sneaks Into Man’s Bed, Apparently Just Wants To Snuggle

    A British IT worker who thought he was cuddling with his girlfriend in the early morning got a rude awakening when it turned out his partner in bed was actually a fox that had snuck in overnight and made itself at home. Personally, though, I don't see what so wrong here -- I'm betting that fox is way cuddlier than his girlfriend.

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  8. Tech

    Helpful British Hacker Proposes New Firewall to Block Everything on the Internet But Porn

    As far as ways to fence off porn and non-porn content on the Internet, here's one that's at least novel. UK-based dork sicksad has heard his government's calls for a default porn filter, and he helpfully built one for them, creating a DIY-firewall that blocks any and all non-pornographic content on the Internet. That was the plan, right guys?

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  9. Tech

    UK Anti-Porn Crusader’s Website Hacked, Replaced With, You Guessed It, Lots of Porno

    British MP Claire Perry is one of British Prime Minister David Cameron's top advisers on his Quixotic campaign to eliminate porn from the Internet. So when news was announced this week of wide-ranging Internet filters to be enacted in the UK that will make British adults ask 'Mother May I?'before viewing pornography on their home computers, Perry made a natural target for those upset over the new policy. And perhaps unsurprisingly -- this is the Internet, after all -- a few of those disappointed individuals proceeded to hack Perry's website, replacing the front page with porno, porno, and more porno. They didn't out Perry as being completely ignorant of how the Internet works, though -- she did that all on her own.

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  10. Tech

    British Prime Minister Announces UK Will Block Internet Porn by Default

    British Prime Minister David Cameron really, really does not like pornography. In fact, the PM is so against the idea of naked pictures being available to anyone with Internet access, he's willing to work to change the entire way the Internet works in Britain to make it harder to find X-rated material. In a press conference today, Cameron announced that his administration had reached agreements with the UK's four major ISPs to place pornography filters -- which will default to 'on' -- on all new subscriber accounts.

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  11. Weird

    Falcon Family Shuts Down UK Cell Phone Tower

    Good news? A family of endangered peregrine falcons has taken up residence in a U.K. cell tower. Bad news? Since U.K. endangered species laws prevent people from messing with the nests of endangered birds and potentially disturbing their rare offspring, technicians are unable to conduct maintenance on the tower and have been forced to shut it down, leaving customers in the area lacking a cell signal until July, when officials -- and customers -- hope the baby birds will have grown old enough to leave the nest.

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  12. Entertainment

    U.K. to Commemorate Doctor Who 50th Anniversary With Stamps

    Sometimes I forget that stamps are still a thing, because we live in the future now, but then something tremendous happens in regards to stamps that reminds me of their existence. The United Kingdom's Royal Mail service is commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who with a series of stamps featuring all 11 doctors. There's even a miniature sheet featuring the TARDIS, Daleks, the Ood, Cybermen and Weeping Angels. Sadly they'll only be available in the U.K., and I imagine they'll sell out quickly. Perhaps even sadder, there's no K-9 stamp. Poor little guy can't get any love.

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  13. Tech

    OwnFone Cuts Away the Mental Clutter of Smartphone Life

    Have you ever reached a place where you questioned the merits of having a smartphone? Having access to so much information at all times can, every so often, get in the way of living in the moment, breathing in the fresh air, enjoying a quiet moment, or, you know, not walking into people on the street. In the United Kingdom, one company has decided to take the idea of the "dumbphone" to its logical conclusion. Feast your eyes on the OwnFone. A tiny, custom-made phone that can only communicate with a small set of preset numbers.

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  14. Tech

    New Law Aims To Monitor Calls, Texts, Emails, and Web History Of U.K. Users

    A new U.K. law, expected to be announced during the Queen's Speech in May, would allow the Government Communications Headquarters ( -- a British intelligence agency -- to have unlimited access to a wealth of information about U.K. citizens' communications. The law, which proponents claim is necessary for tackling terrorism and crime in general, would allow the GCHQ to pull up records concerning any citizen's phone calls, text messages, emails, and web history. At the moment, access to such information requires the permission of a Magistrate, much in the same way search warrants work in the United States. The new law, however, would remove this step.

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  15. Tech

    U.K. Court Rules The Pirate Bay Encourages Copyright Infringement, Takes One Step Closer To Blocking It

    The Pirate Bay has been sailing on some stormy seas lately, and things don't look to be getting any better. U.K. high court recently ruled that the site "authorizes" and encourages users to infringe on copyrights as opposed to merely "enabling" or "assisting," a distinction which puts The Pirate Bay in the position of being decidedly illegal in the U.K.. That being the case, it's possible that the site could be blocked outright by ISPs; they wouldn't be the first.

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