1. Weird

    Bad News, Everyone — North Korean Unicorn Is Actually Just A Stupid Kirin

    Earlier this week, we brought you the profoundly heartening, life-affirming and 100% real, true news that North KoreanĀ archaeologistsĀ had discovered the ancient lair of a unicorn near Pyongyang. Today, though, it is with some regret that we have to correct that story. It turns out that the story of the unicorn lair suffered in translation, and what was discovered was nothing more than a simple, everyday lair of a kirin -- a dragon-like creature with a hooves like a cow and a unicorn-like horn. We are deeply sorry to bring you this news, which confirms once and for all that there is no light in the world and everything will be terrible forever.

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  2. Weird

    North Korea Finds Ancient Unicorn Lair, Because Sure, Why Not

    Continuing their proud nation's great tradition of being simultaneously wackier and sadder than all other nations, North Korean archaeologists have announced the discovery of what they claim is the lair of a unicorn. What, you may ask, could lead them to believe they had stumbled on such an incredible find? According to the country's state run news service "A rectangular rock carved with words "Unicorn Lair" stands in front of the lair." I think you'll agree -- pretty hard to argue with evidence like that.

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  3. Gaming

    Bennett Foddy, Evil Mastermind Behind QWOP, Releases the Unicorn-Based CLOP

    Bennett Foddy is something of an evil genius. He's the creator behind your favorite Flash games you love to hate, nearly impossible running simulatorĀ QWOP, and its thankfully easier spiritual successor, rock climbing game GIRP. Now, for all those who wanted to torture themselves with yet another extremely difficult Flash game, Foddy has released CLOP, a unicorn runner. Obviously a play on QWOP mixed with the sound a horse hoof makes, CLOP starts off easier than QWOP, but then quickly becomes almost as difficult.

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