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    MegaUpload to Sue Universal Over Video Takedown, Take Stance Against SOPA

    As you may be aware, MegaUpload released a star-studded video endorsing the benefits of their service on Friday. As you may also be aware, the video was stripped from YouTube after Universal Music Group filed a copyright complaint, had it overturned, and then filed a second successfully. MegaUpload insists that the UMG has no right to do anything with the video and is consequently suing. To boot, MegaUpload, which has previously been tight-lipped on the whole SOPA issue, has now come out against it.

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    YouTube Axes MegaUpload Song After Complaints From Universal Music Group, But You Can Still Watch It Here

    It seems like only yesterday that we were telling you, gentle reader, about the MegaUpload song. Facing criticism that it is simply an outlet for Internet piracy, the file locker service headed by Kim Dotcom created a star-studded video of celebrities quite literally singing the praises of the service. Sadly, as quickly as the bewildering video came into our lives (and our hearts) was it pulled from YouTube after a copyright complaint from Universal Music Group (UMG).

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