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    Drones Could Join The War On Drugs, Navy Tests New Aerial Tools

    Some technology currently being used during battle in places like Afghanistan could soon find its way into the war on drugs. This weekend the U.S. Navy tested several items they hope could help them stop drug smugglers out on the open seas. The technology they're using isn't exactly new, but with sequester budget cuts in place, the Navy is getting creative.

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  2. Gaming

    SEAL Team Six Members Reprimanded for Making Medal of Honor: Warfighter a Little Too Authentic

    It doesn't pay to be one of the most famous soldiers in the United States Armed Forces, apparently. Seven members of the U.S. Navy's infamous SEAL Team Six are have been punished by the military for revealing classified information to Medal of Honor: Warfighter developer Danger Close and publisher EA while consulting on the game's development. According to a CBS report, the soldier-cum-consultants revealed confidential military intelligence while helping the team write a more "authentic" military shooter.

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    U.S. Navy’s Electromagnetic Railgun Fires Its 1,000th Shot

    As you may or may not know, the U.S. Navy has a prototype electromagnetic railgun. Sound a little futuristic? It is, and that's why the 1,000 test-shot landmark is such a big deal. If these things are every going to go into wide use, they need to be proven to be reliable first, and this prototype is well on its way to doing that. As for powerful? It has already proven that. It has been testing with around 1.5 megajoule launch energy. How much is that? We'll let the Navy handle that one. From the press release: "a one-ton vehicle moving at 100 mph has approximately one megajoule of kinetic energy." Yeah.

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