1. Weird

    Giant Heart in Times Square Beats Faster With Every Touch

    Architectural group BIG has given a large, glowing Valentine to the city of New York with their BIG♥NYC project. It is, quite literally, an enormous heart in the middle of Times Square made from 400 transparent rods that form a 10 foot-tall cube. Lit by LEDs, a large red heart resides in the center of the big cube which can be affected by visitors. Simply pressing a nearby plate will activate the heart, but linking together more people make it beat faster and brighter. Hopefully people will keep some hand sanitizer around, lest this "heart"warming display become a disease vector. See a video of the installation, after the break.

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  2. Entertainment

    Valentine’s Day Grab Bag: 10 Heart-Shaped Things

    Some of these might not make the best last-minute Valentine's Day gifts or ideas -- it's probably too late to run out to the Fukuoka fruit market or fly to Galesjnak, though heart-shaped pancakes might be doable. But this gallery of heart-shaped things should nevertheless restore your faith in things that are heart-shaped and possibly placate your underwhelmed loved one on Valentine's Day. It's the thought that counts, right?

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