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    Check Out “Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game,” Or In Other Words, A Portal Board Game

    A board game based on Valve's Portal franchise sounds really interesting and this fall, Cryptozoic Entertainment plans to release the game, which they have named "Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game."

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    We’ve Got a Team Fortress 2-Themed Snowball Fight Thanks to the Recent Extreme Cold [Video]

    While we were all huddling for warmth indoors, Corridor Digital was braving the Mars-cold temperatures to bring us a snowy version of the awesome Team Fortress 2 character promo videos from Valve. So, let's go, Team Fortress modders. How soon can we get a playable version of this?

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    Control Video Games With Your Butt and Mouth Because Valve Says You Can Now

    Valve has produced a lot of important innovations in the gaming industry. They also built a gamepad you control with your butt. They're calling it a "posture-based game controller," but come on. That's a butt joystick, and you know it, Valve.

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    Watch the Very First Steam Controller Demonstration [Video]

    In all the excitement over New York Comic Con this weekend we happened to completely miss this fascinating play-through footage of the Steam controller, which Valve announced a few weeks ago. Yeah, we still think it looks like a robot face, but the double trackpads actually look pretty neat.

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    Steam Shows Off New Gaming Controller That Looks Like a Robot Face

    Steam's been all about exciting announcements lately. They've already announced a version of Linux called Steam OS, and their Steam Machine console, and now they've announced the Steam Controller game pad. It looks like a robot face, but it also looks pretty impressive.

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    J.J. Abrams Thinks Star Trek Into Darkness Suffered Because of The Awful Tie-In Video Game

    Does anyone actually expect video games based on movie franchises to actually be good? Sure, there are exceptions (and in Riddick's case, the games are actually better), but I don't think there's a single person alive who tears into a tie-in game thinking "Oh boy, this will be worthwhile and enjoyable!" Well, except for J.J. Abrams, that is.

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    Valve Makes the Internet Go BOOM, Announces “Steam Family Sharing”

    There's a tradeoff that comes with downloading a game through a service like Steam. You get convenience, but lose the ability to bring the physical disc or cartridge to your friend's house to play. That's no longer an issue on Steam. Today Valve announced the Steam Family Sharing program, and we're super pumped about it.

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    Watch The Completionist, Erm, Complete All of Portal For Geek Week [Video]

    It's Thursday and YouTube's Geek Week is going full steam ahead. So what is today's theme? Gaming. The smorgasbord includes video game spoofs, song covers, live-action reenactments, and lots and lots of Minecraft. My favorite of the bunch is The Completionist's video review on everyone's favorite science testing game, Portal.

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    Left 4 Dead 3 Evidence Found in Valve Tour, Blows Up Rumor Mill

    Well, it looks like Valve may have finally conquered their fear of the number 3-- When a few Redditors from the DOTA 2 subreddit had the opportunity to tour Valve's headquarters in Bellevue, Washington,they furtively scoured the place for secrets, and found an email regarding Left 4 Dead 3. Let the speculation begin!

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    Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition Comes With Trading Cards, Achievements

    Tired of the Steam Trading Card craze yet? No? Well, good news -- you can get more of the cards for just watching a movie now! Indie Game: The Movie just got re-released with a special edition on Steam, and the filmmakers are using this opportunity to get in on the newest thing to put PC gamers in a tizzy. Collect 'em all! Show your friends! Now you too can look like a big-shot indie developer!

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    Valve Sued in Germany Over Lack of Resale Rights for Downloadable Games

    While Valve had a pretty good week in the headlines after their massive summer Steam sale, this week is starting on a lower note for the game company. A German consumer rights organization is suing the company, claiming that the inability to resell downloadable games from their Steam service infringes on the rights of consumers.

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    Valve Strikes Back: You Could Be Able to Share Your Steam Library in the Future

    As if Gabe Newell had to do anything more with Steam for PC game players to consider him their benevolent overlord, there might be an amazing new feature coming to the service. Some code has been located in the most recent Steam beta that mentions a "shared library." That's right, you could potentially let your friends borrow your PC games in the future.

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    Valve Releases Entirely Community-Made Team Fortress 2 Update

    If you haven't played Team Fortress 2, you should really go do that. The team-based shooter video game's found a kind of longevity that publishers and developers that aren't Valve dream about. TF2's received numerous updates over the years, dropped to being a free-to-play game, and even added a third faction of robotic enemies. Community-made items have appeared in various packs over time, but their latest update is the first that's been 100% made by the community.

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    Half-Life 2 Gets Oculus Rift Support, Is Still Not Half-Life 3

    The good news for everyone still playing Half-Life 2 because Half-Life 3 hasn't come out? You'll have a whole new way to play the game soon, as Freeman and friends are coming to play on the Oculus Rift headset, with a beta version already available for developers. The bad news, of course, is that this is not Half-Life 3.

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    Valve Ponders Sweat, Eye Movement as Controls for New Games

    Oculus Rift is getting a lot of attention lately -- and considering it can bring things like a guillotine simulator to life, that attention is due -- but the headset isn't the only way developers are trying to move past the traditional controller/keyboard inputs. Over the weekend, experimental psychologist and Valve consultant Mike Ambinder discussed some of the ways Valve wants to use biofeedback to immerse players in upcoming games. One plan on the horizon? In new games, Valve wants the way you sweat to change outcomes -- just like being on a first date!

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