1. Science

    Can Plants Think? AsapSCIENCE Makes a Surprisingly Compelling Argument

    Some people don't eat meat because they don't like the idea of killing and eating an intelligent creature. (*raises hand*) So this video by AsapSCIENCE that makes a case for plants having a certain level of thought might give some people weird feelings about their salad. So, how do plants think?

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  2. Science

    Stop Eating Vegetables! CDC Says They’re the Biggest Cause of Food-Borne Illness

    Good news for anyone who hates vegetables, or just wants to shut up their smug vegan friends! A new study by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) found that the majority of food-borne illnesses come from green vegetables, not meat or dairy products. Take that, vegetables!

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  3. Entertainment

    Edible Star Wars Carved Vegetable Sculptures, These Are

    Japanese chef and sushi bar owner Okistugu Kado carves out detailed vegetable sculptures inspired by movies, in this case, Star Wars. The sculptures are edible, but held together with bamboo skewers and toothpicks, so one might want to be careful if they feel the need to eat a sculpture that tastes like a vegetable that a chef put hours -- sometimes upwards of ten -- into creating. Head on past the break to see some of the other detailed sculptures, and after that, head on over to Kado's personal blog to see more of his work, including a sushi cake that may not turn out to be what you envisioned when you heard the phrase "sushi cake."

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  4. Science

    Photographs of Delicious, Rejected Mutatoes

    Artist Uli Westphal has amassed a remarkable collection of photographs documenting the "mutatoes," the anomalous fruits and vegetables that he found at farmers markets. These often strange-shaped and sometimes stranger-tasting foodstuffs awoke Westphal to illusion that he experienced at main stream markets.
    The complete absence of botanical anomalies in our supermarkets has caused us to regard the consistency of produce presented there as natural. Produce has become a highly designed, monotonous product. We have forgotten, and in many cases never experienced, the way fruits, roots, and vegetables can actually look (and taste). The Mutato-Project serves to document, preserve and promote these last remainders of agricultural diversity.
    The writers at Edible Geography take it further, seeing the project as a startling reminder of how the human food system now hinges on so very few varieties of plants, with many other varieties simply dying out from their lack of use in industrial agriculture. Though you could leave the politics of farming aside, it makes these photographs less of a goofy display and more of a sad procession. These are strange plants, surely, but they are beautiful in how they stand out from the hum-drum existence of the supermarket. It's disappointing that we have, as a species, apparently become so picky that we can no longer appreciate a curiously-lobed pepper. Personally, I think they look delicious. (Uli Westphal via PFSK)

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