1. Tech

    Microbots Use Magnetic Forces To Swim And Do Some Heavy Lifting

    Physicists at the Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory have announced a new types of microbot that swims and can move around objects several times their own weight. The millimeter-sized microbots, called Asters, are made up of small particles that become active under magnetic force. On their own the particles that make up the microbot aren't particularly impressive, but when magnets are applied, the particles assemble and swim around. They can also create "jaws" to push around objects that are not magnetic. The bots are particularly interesting because they can reorganize or reassemble their parts with the application or removal of the magnetic force. Check out the videos below to see the microbots in action.

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  2. Weird

    Skydivers Perform Choreographed Wind Tunnel Dance [Video]

    Dancing can be intimidating in its own right, but dancing while completely airborne? It's no problem for these four skydivers at the Skydive Arena wind tunnel in Prague, Czech Republic. The choreographed routine is performed to the song “Fot i Hose” by Casiokids.

    (via Neatorama)

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  3. Entertainment

    The Five Worst Book Trailers You Meet in Heaven

    Tonight, the Moby Awards will honor the best book trailers in the industry. More importantly, they will also be honoring the worst book trailers in the industry -- a far, far more important task to be sure. While we could wait until tonight and see who takes away the award for creating the worst example of an already highly misguided practice, we're not that patient. Instead, we went through the Moby finalists for worst book trailer and have selected five particularly special offenders. Amongst them you will find terrible acting, insipid dialogue from surely insipid prose, forbidden love, and a man confused about the sunset. Read on, and enjoy.

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  4. Weird

    Giant Goldfish Is Giant [Video]

    Last summer there was a photo of a giant goldfish making the rounds on the Internet, only it looked totally fake and was from the Daily Mail, which, despite its impressive web presence, is not widely heralded as a source of great veracity. This, however, looks legit: A Kansas City woman named Olivia Riley apparently caught a giant goldfish in Troost Lake.

    As to how the fish got in Troost Lake, Riley said there are several possibilities. "There's a lot of theories. One that he went down the old toilet bowl and ended up in the right place," Riley laughed. "And the one of someone not able to take care of a baby goldfish and threw him in, and he survived."
    Don't worry, she threw it back in. (via TDW)

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  5. Weird

    Animals in Slow Motion: A Collection [Videos]

    Everything looks excellent in slow motion, especially animals. They are regal, proud warriors, even if they're domesticated cats and dogs catching a treat. When shot on high-speed film then played back to dramatic instrumental music, they are just the finest examples of their kind that ever existed. Behold! Animals in majestic slow motion!

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  6. Weird

    And Now, the Cutest Puppy You Will See Today [Video]

    Time to wake up and go home! (via Blame It on the Voices)

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  7. Weird

    Summer Snack: 16 Cool Things Involving Watermelons

    It's summer, and it's hot. In fact, June was the hottest June ever. But if you're willing to brave the heat, it's a time for picnics, celebrations, hanging out with friends, and unpaid internships. In other words, its watermelon season! Now as you may know, watermelons are delicious. But did you also know that they can provide visual entertainment in a great many ways as well? You didn't? Well, let me assure you that it's the truth with these 16 examples of watermelon craziness, and those adorable penguins aren't even on the list. If that adorable carving is just a means of introducing this list, imagine what wonders must await you below:

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  8. Tech

    YouTube Gets Built-In Video Editor

    According to YouTube has introduced its own video editor, allowing its users to edit videos after uploading them. Right now the features are fairly rudimentary, allowing would-be-Ford Coppolas to cut clips, string clips together, replace the audio with a track from AudioSwap, and put in the usual notes and annotations.

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