1. Entertainment

    Vikings Season Two Premieres Tonight on History, We Took an Early Look at the Episode

    We got an early look at the season two premiere episode of History's Vikings, which airs tonight at 10:00PM ET. We won't give too much away, but there will be blood. Lots. Of. Blood. Check out the trailer.

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  2. Weird

    Uh-Oh, the Vikings Scheduled Their Apocalypse for Saturday

    Don't bother making plans for Saturday night: if ancient Viking lore is accurate, Loki's wolf son is set to break out of prison soon and the world will end on February 22nd. Thankfully, party-like-there's no tomorrow events are going down to help us celebrate Ragnarok, the end of life as we know it.

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  3. Weird

    Intriguing Crystal Found on Shipwreck Might Be the Mythic Viking Sunstone

    Generally only archaeologists and geologists get excited when another slab of rock is unearthed and dug up. But a few things about this one particular chunk of calcite made it hit our radar: This block of whitish rock was pulled out of the wreckage of an Elizabethan warship at the bottom of the English Channel, and the Vikings were purported to have used it to navigate the high seas. Shipwrecks, magic stones, and Vikings are always good geek fodder.

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  4. Weird

    Viking Thanksgiving Would Have Been Seal Meat, Just Like Pretty Much Every Viking Meal

    If you're hard-pressed for things to be thankful for today, may we offer a humble suggestion? Be glad you're not a Viking, because those folks had to eat a whole lot of tough, blubbery seal meat -- up to 80% of their regular calorie intake -- to survive. If anyone was planning on making their first million marketing The Viking Diet might be time to let that dream die, because the Viking diet was apparently vile.

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  5. Weird

    Crocheted Viking and Dwarf Beard Helmets are Perfect for Those Without Facial Hair

    Vikings and dwarves are famed throughout the world for their tenacity, but also for their amazing, luxuriant beards. Sadly, most of us are either incapable of growing that much facial hair or bow to the societal pressure to remain clean-shaven. Thankfully, Dortha Gibbs has a hand-crocheted solution. Her yarn helmets are not only fashionable, but also sport enormous beards and other hair accents.

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  6. Science

    U.K.’s First Fully Intact Viking Boat Burial Site Uncovered

    In Ardnamurchan, archaeologists have discovered the first ever, fully intact viking boat burial site on the U.K. mainland. The details that make this case specifically interesting are the condition in which the burial site was preserved (read: great) and the artifacts found alongside the body, which suggest that this particular viking was a pretty ridiculously macho killing machine high ranking warrior.

    "[The] artifacts and preservation make this one of the most important Norse graves ever excavated in Britain" said Dr. Hannah Cobb, and she would know; she's been excavating artifacts in Ardnamurchan for about six years now. Along with the body and 200 rivets, the remains of the boat, archaeologists found the viking had been buried with an axe, a sword with a tricked out hilt, a shield, a spear, and a bronze ring pin, all Exceptional quality, level requirement 25.

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  7. Science

    Vikings Filed Their Teeth to Remind You They Are Totally Hardcore

    In 2009, a pit filled with skeletons was found near Weymouth, England. The bones were covered in slash marks and their bodies broken apart after death; skulls, legbones, and ribcages neatly sorted into piles. In all, 54 bodies were found in this gruesome horde. This was no modern-day massacre: Archaeologists determined that these were Viking raiders from the 10th or 11th century, and had likely died during an attack against the Britons. But it was what was inside the heads of these dead warriors that interested scientists so much. The front teeth of these Norsemen had horizontal lines cleanly filed into them. The lines were so carefully made, and so deliberately cut that archaeologists feel that they must have been made by a master craftsman. Someone, long ago, made their living helping young Viking men get some bling up in their grill.

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  8. Science

    Fog Will Not Save You From Vikings

    Vikings are already famous for their beards and badassery, not the least of which springs from their sailing prowess. Spreading from Sweden and Norway, the Vikings sailed and settled Northern England, Iceland, Greenland, and were the first Europeans to arrive in North America. They also pillaged and terrorized an unready European populace with their ferocity and totally sweet boats, but a lingering question faced by historians is how they managed to sail as well as they did with such limited technology. Navigation in the far north poses several unique problems.

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  9. Gaming

    First Cataclysm TV Spot Runs Today… During the Cowboys/Vikings Game?

    Just as a heads up, a TV spot for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will run today some time during the Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings NFL game. A football game with World of Warcraft? you might ask. Or: World of Warcraft with a football game? These are both valid angles of inquiry. Allow us to explain:

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  10. Entertainment

    The Norse Hollywood Dining Vikings Eat Pirates and Shit Ninjas

    The Norse Hollywood Dining Vikings (Facebook page here, natch) have made a pasttime of dressing up like vikings and carousing their way over to wherever vikings shouldn't be. Like... a laser lights show, the Red Bull Flugtag Races, a chain of gay bars, or IKEA (although Jonathan Coulton would probably disagree). The group started with professional blacksmith and prop-maker, "occasional viking," and "the reigning 'Pirate of the Year' for Pirates Magazine," Tony Swatton; who told AOL News:
    "At some point, [a friend] and I decided it would be fun to dress up like vikings and go to restaurants and do reviews," Swatton said. "The next night, we went to Griffith Park Observatory where they were doing a laser show about the northern lights. There were 15 of us and we all had our weapons -- axes, spears, everything -- and we heckled everything."

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  11. Science

    What Happens to A Frog When It’s Struck By Lightning?

    Not the same thing that happens to Toads, apparently. Yeah, that's Kermit T. Frog as Marvel's God of Thunder, Piggy as Sif, and Gonzo as Loki.  This lovely work of art has been brought to you by Roger Langridge, artist behind Boom! Studio's The Muppet Show comic.  It will be donated to the HeroesCon Art Auction, which is put on every year to help defray the cost of the family friendly comic con, so maybe you just might be able to get your hands on it? Click through for the entire painting, including Statler and Waldorf.  That's the two old heckler guys, you uncultured swine.

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