1. Science

    Can You Genetically Enhance Yourself? Find Out with Vsauce in Their Half of the AsapSCIENCE Collaboration

    We already showed you the AsapSCIENCE half of this collaboration between the two channels. AsapSCIENCE focused on genetically altering intelligence, and in this video Jake from Vsauce looks at genetic enhancements as a whole. He also compares genetic modifications to Bioshock.

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  2. Science

    How Much Does Thor’s Hammer Actually Weigh? [Video]

    According to Marvel, the official weight of Thor's hammer Mjolnir is 42.3 lbs. You know, unless you're unworthy of it, in which case it's so heavy as to be unwieldable. But that's not precise enough for the folks over at VSauce3, because why would it be? Instead let's speculate wildly using the awesome power of science!

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  3. Gaming

    Vsauce Dissects an Xbox One in Stop Motion… for Knowledge! [Video]

    The Xbox One is bursting at the seams with knowledge! OK, maybe yours isn't, but Jake Roper's in his "Fact Surgery" series on Vsauce will help you learn all about your favorite (or least favorite, depending on which camp you're in) video game console, and this time he's gone the extra mile and brought you some Kinect facts, as well.

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  4. Gaming

    Even the Worst Pokémon (Magikarp) Could Totally Kill You [Video]

    Magikarp has long been one of the most useless Pokémon in the world, but some of its newer Pokédex entries suggest that it could wind up doing some serious damage—if only thanks to the laws of physics. There are plenty of Pokémon out there that could kill you without even noticing, but this has to be the most embarrassing.

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  5. Gaming

    All the Animated PlayStation 4 Facts You Can Handle from Vsauce’s Fact Surgery [Video]

    How many PS2 memory cards would it take to equal the amount of hard drive space on board the PS4? Sure, it had the fastest selling console launch of all time, but how much money did Sony make off of it on a per-second basis? Vsauce is here with the answers to these questions and more presented by a stop-motion animated PS4.

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  6. Gaming

    Saving in Video Games Is Great, but Can We Save in Real Life?

    Memories aren't perfect, and they don't work the way a lot of people think they do. YouTube channel Vsauce and host Jake Roper look at the science of memories and ask, "Can we save memories in real life the way we do in games?"

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  7. Gaming

    6 Awesome Facts About the Dreamcast, As Told Through Beautiful Stop-Motion

    Oh, Dreamcast, you magnificently misunderstood machine. Perhaps you were just too beautiful for your time, but we're still fascinated by you. So is Vsauce, apparently because they've just released this lovely animation the reveals the Dreamcast's inner workings and six interesting facts. Take a look!

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  8. Gaming

    Vsauce and a Stop Motion Animated PlayStation Bring You Six Awesome PlayStation Facts [Video]

    Vsauce is back with another stop motion video with all of the facts about video game consoles you never knew you needed to know. This time, an original PlayStation is bursting at the seams to show you just how much power it was packing and what you could've done with all the money it cost.

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  9. Gaming

    These 3 Pokémon Could Totally Kill You Without Even Trying, Explains VSauce [Video]

    It's not all fun and games in the world of Pokémon. For every adorable Eevee, there's a terrifying creature with a body temperature hotter than the sun who would cause you to explode just from standing near it, or a giant monster who dissolve your body with acid. Naturally, Jake from Vsauce3 is going to tell you about them in gruesome detail.

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  10. Gaming

    Vsauce Is Here to Meet Your NES Trivia Needs with This NES Stop Motion [Video]

    What is the cumulative weight of all NES consoles ever sold? How much total RAM did they contain? What is their correlation to the speed of Domino's Pizza sales? Yup, that's something you'll know after watching this video. You're welcome. All of your burning questions are answered here by a stop motion NES console and Vsauce.

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  11. Science

    Vsauce’s Video About Human History Will Scramble Your Brains

    Vsauce takes a unique look at history with the idea that the way we learn it in the educational system creates a bunch of separate little units in our perspective of the world. Don't worry — they'll jam all of those together for you in Our Narrow Slice.

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  12. Gaming

    Vsauce Explores How Much Stuff Video Game Characters Can Carry [Video]

    Video game characters are known to carry a crap-load of stuff on their person at any given time. Unsatisfied with the accuracy of "a crap-load," Jake Roper and Vsauce have decided to delve into the mystery of just how much our favorite characters can fit in their virtual pockets.

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  13. Science

    How Much Can Humans Actually See In the Dark? [Video]

    In The Chronicles of Riddick, our eponymous hero can see in the dark due to a special surgical procedure. We don't have that, unfortunately, because we're all boring and human. But, as Jake on VSauce3 shows us, there is some stuff we can see due to the way our eyes and brain work together to adjust themselves.

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  14. Science

    If You’re Happy and You Know It, Let Vsauce Explain Why We Clap Our Hands

    When we're excited or want to show appreciation we slap our hands together to make a dull repetitive sound, but why? The reasons we clap are varied, and the science of clapping is more complex than you might think. Thankfully, there's Vsauce to guide us through it all. Take a few minutes to learn more about clapping than you probably need to know.

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  15. Science

    Vsauce Explains the Science Behind Why We Get Bored [Video]

    Stuck a little late at work? Maybe you're bored. Why? Because work can be boring -- obviously -- but what is boredom? Vsauce explores the science behind the concept of boredom and why and how we experience it in this surprisingly interesting video. (It's surprising because it's about boredom, not because it's by Vsauce. Vsauce is great.)

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