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    Batman: Arkham Origins Revealed, Coming This Fall

    It comes as no surprise that Warner Bros. would want to continue cashing in on the breakout success of 2009's Batman: Arkham Asylum from Rocksteady Studios. We already knew there'd be more games in the same vein after the success of Asylum's sequel, Arkham City, but folks have been left in the dark about what further games might be about. That is, until now. Thanks to the Game Informer May cover reveal, we now know the next title will be Batman: Arkham Origins, and the fact that it's a prequel isn't the only surprising thing about it.

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    “Gotham High” Would be The Angstiest Comic Book Movie Ever [Video]

    Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy complete may have only just reached its epic conclusion a few months ago, but you can bet that DC Comics and Warner Bros. are already hard at work figuring out an excuse to squeeze out another film and capitalize on the series' success. The guys and gals over at Movieclips Trailers have a suggestion: Turn Batman's origin story into a high school dramedy.

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    Court Rules Warner Bros. Still Owns 50% of Superman, Probably the “Super” Part

    DC Comics, and by extension Warner Bros. Entertainment, cut a deal in 1992 that basically meant they assumed 50% ownership of everything Superman in perpetuity. This has since been hotly contested by Joe Shuster's heirs, even though it was his sister and heir Jean Peavy that made the agreement in the first place. After a lengthy legal battle, the court has now ruled that the 1992 agreement stands, and Warner Bros. totally owns 50% of Superman.

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    Sky Inks Exclusive U.K. Deal With Warner Bros., Leaves Netflix Out in the Cold

    If you happen to live within the United Kingdom, there are a veritable slew of choices when it comes to streaming video content. Netflix, Sky, and LoveFilm are just a few of the available options. Much like in North America, these services all compete for film rights and bicker like children over exclusivity agreements. It looks like Sky might have finally achieved the upper hand, however, as their latest deal with Warner Bros. grants the service exclusive access to the studio's films for over a year.

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    Warner Brothers Finds 17 Minutes of Lost 2001: A Space Odyssey Footage

    Douglas Trumbull, one of the special effects supervisors on 2001: A Space Odyssey, is no longer making his making-of documentary on the seminal science fiction film, since Warner Bros. pulled the plug on his funding. But while in Toronto showing off stills from the photo-book that 2001: Behind the Infinite—The Making of a Masterpiece is being converted into, he happened to mention an interesting discovery made in the production of his now defunct movie.

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    DC Entertainment Moving to Los Angeles, Absorbs WildStorm

    Today on the official DC blog, DC announced their plans to pack up and move from their Manhattan offices to Los Angeles in order to achieve a greater focus on film, while ending the WildStorm Universe and absorbing its characters under the DC banner.

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