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    Minecraft’s Creator Just Tweeted That He’s Working With Warner Bros. on a Minecraft Movie

    Minecraft creator Markus Persson just tweeted that he's working with Warner Bros. on a Minecraft movie, so the Internet is probably about to explode. No doubt Warner is excited about this after the success that is The LEGO Movie, so a Minecraft movie seems like a no-brainer.

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  2. Entertainment

    The Batman Vs. Superman Movie Might Be Getting A Really Stupid Title, So We Came Up With Stupider Titles

    Warner Brothers just registered a whole bunch of... erm, interesting domain names that might give us clues to the title of the next Man of Steel movie. They're very... well, black. Black and also dark and shadowy and black, with some knights and falling thrown in. Gee, think they might be trying to go grittier with this next film?

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    Man of Steel Is Out Today on Blu-ray and DVD

    Man of Steel, the tentpole around which Warner Bros. is building their new DC film universe, is out on DVD and Blu-ray today. We took a look at the special features on the Blu-ray. Here's what we think!

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    Announcing the Winners of Our The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition #Batgeekgiveaway

    Our friends at Warner Bros. set us up with two copies of The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu-ray to give away, so we made our readers scream "Swear to me!" in their best Batman voice on Vine. The results were exactly as incredible as we hope. Here are the winning Vines and some honorable mentions.

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  5. Entertainment

    Review: The Best of Warner Bros. 20 Film Collection: Thrillers

    This year Warner Bros. is celebrating 90 years of movies with box sets of 20 DVDs of varying genres, and the latest installment is The Best of Warner Bros. 20 Film Collection: Thrillers. It features some of the best (20 of them, in fact) Warner Bros. movies of the last 90 years, though we're not sure they all count as thrillers.

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  6. Entertainment

    Pete Holmes’ Good Will Batman is the Best Response to Batfleck Yet [VIDEO]

    Regardless of how you feel about Ben Affleck's turn as Batman in the Zack Snyder/David Goyer Man of Steel sequel, the internet has been ablaze with opinions and parodies about the casting choice. So far, nothing comes close to this inspired re-imagining of Good Will Hunting, featuring fake-Batfleck himself.

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    Warner Bros. Refuses to Let Akira Adaptation Die, Brings Back Director

    There was once a time when the world seemed more just. Kids played outside, the streets were clean, and the Akira live-action adaptation that Warner Bros. has been trying to force down our throats seemed dead in the water. That time is over.

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  8. Entertainment

    Review: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is Incredible, Also Burt Wonderstone

    I wasn't sure what to think when The Incredible Burt Wonderstone landed in my lap for review. I hadn't seen the movie, but I do love a good comedy. I watched it. I loved it. You should love it too. If that's not enough of an endorsement, read the full review below.

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    Geekosystem’s The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Giveaway

    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is out on DVD and Blu-ray today, and we have 10 copies of the Blu-Ray combo pack to give away thanks to Warner Bros! They sent over a review copy, and as it turns out, I love this movie. A lot. They also sent us a bunch of GIFs from the film. We'll give the copies to the best captions for the GIFs.

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  10. Entertainment

    New Pacific Rim Trailer Shows Us As Many Giant Robots And Monsters As We Can Handle

    Warner Bros. had planned on holding out until WonderCon to debut this trailer, but the gigantic robot cat is out of the bag now. The new Pacific Rim trailer is a solid two-and-a-half minutes of huge robots fighting huger monsters, because that's exactly what people want out of this movie. They get into a little bit of the story. Something about aliens invading. I don't know. There are too many skyscraper-sized robots punching weird monsters in this thing to focus on whatever plot they're trying to convey.

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  11. Entertainment

    They Might Be Giants Explain “Particle Man” With a Handy Flowchart

    They Might Be Giants may have just released a new EP, but there will always be a place in my heart for their song "Particle Man" which was forever immortalized by the Warner Bros. cartoon Tiny Toons. Is the song confusing? Not really, but just to make sure that everyone is 100% perfectly clear on how things go down in the song, the band just tweeted this handy flowchart from their official account. See the whole thing, and that Tiny Toons clip after the jump.

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  12. Entertainment

    Rumor Mill: Are Nolan and Bale On Board for Justice League? [Video]

    We can't overstate just how much this is only a rumor, but it looks like Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale could be diving back into the DC Universe with the upcoming Justice League movie. They've both repeatedly and publicly said they are done with Batman and are moving on, but Latino Review is saying otherwise. Some parts of these rumors are more believable than others, so let's break down the finer details, shall we?

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  13. Entertainment

    Warner Bros. Eyes Nic Mathieu for Robotech Directorial Duties

    With Optimus Prime and the other Transformers practically rolling in the money generated from their titular film franchise, and relishing their renewed relevance in pop culture, it was only a matter of time before another '80s cartoon series featuring giant transforming robots -- relax, it's not Gobots -- dove in for a piece of the proverbial pie. Warner Bros. is planning to release a contemporary and live-action take on the revered Robotech anime from 1985 which introduced so many children of that generation to mecha and the multifaceted complexity of an animated space opera. Numerous writers have been working on the screenplay for quite some time, but no director has ever been selected to helm the project. It's now being reported that Warner Bros. is in talks with commercial director Nic Mathieu to helm the film, even though he's pretty much only ever done commercials.

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  14. Entertainment

    Gremlins Might Be Getting a Reboot, Time to Pray It Doesn’t Happen

    Here's a timeless adage for you that all of Hollywood swears by: When in doubt, just reboot a cinematic classic from the 1980s. It's happened before countless times in the past with the end result always being a malformed abomination of what it once was. Having run the well of novel ideas dry years ago, film executives are already on the prowl in their reboot creeper van scoping out unsuspecting '80s flicks they've convinced themselves are in desperate need of a modern makeover. The latest victim they've set their money-hungry eyes on: The 1984 horror comedy Gremlins. Run, Gizmo! Run far away and don't look back!

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  15. Entertainment

    Ring in the New Year With Even More Rumors About the Justice League Movie

    It's pretty much impossible to go two weeks without another batch of speculation making the rounds about the upcoming Justice League movie. Even though it isn't set to hit theaters for another two years, the plot, villain, and general character details are continuously being brought up for debate, and Warner Bros. hasn't been in a confirming mood. So it's hard to say whether something's even remotely legitimate, but the most recent news includes a nice bevy of character tidbits.

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