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  1. Weird

    North Korea Threatens United States With Early ’90s CGI Technology [UPDATED]

    As North Korea gets ready to perform a nuclear test, they're also stepping up their propaganda efforts, or at least they're trying to do so. A video released by the country's official website on Saturday shows a dream sequence of a unified Korea, spaceflight, and an unspecified American city being bombarded with missiles. The whole thing would be more frightening if the CGI graphics weren't at best on par with Home Improvement scene transitions and at worst like something out of 1980s Doctor Who.

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  2. Entertainment

    Random Celebrities Sing “Let It Be” in Bizarre Norwegian TV Promo

    Norwegian entertainment series Glyne Tider rounded up a baffling number of random 80s celebrities, including Pamela Anderson, Dolph Lundgren, and Ricki Lake, to sing The Beatles' "Let It Be" for a very, very long time on a fake beach; the result is bizarre and slightly awesome. Bonus: They also did a random celebrity-packed rendition of "We Are the World": (below)

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