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    Reminder: Google’s New Privacy Policy Goes Into Effect Tomorrow, Last Chance to Delete Web History

    The coming changes to Google's privacy settings were announced a while ago, but they'll be taking effect tomorrow, so it's worth a reminder. The new settings will allow Google to share your data between apps, something it never did before. This means that your web-browsing history may start influencing the ads you see in Gmail, or that the items on your Calendar might start influncing the ads you see on Google Maps. There's nothing you can really do to stop this, but you can, however, limit the information shared if you remove your Google web history today, before it starts getting shared around tomorrow.

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  2. Gaming

    The Entirety of GeoCities Will Be Released as a Torrent

    Dating back to 1994, GeoCities was free web-hosting service and can easily be considered a big part of the Internet's history. Yahoo! bought the service only five years after its creation, but then shut it down in 2009.

    In an effort to preserve digital history, the Archive Team has compiled and will release a 900 gigabyte torrent of as much of GeoCities as it can.

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