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    Tell Someone You Think They’re Alright With These JL8 Valentines

    It's Valentine's Day. You know how we know? Because the Internet is flooded with people sharing Valentines. Love it or hate it, it's happening, and it's going to continue to happen because this set of Valentines from JL8 creator Yale Stewart. We'd be remiss if we didn't share them with you, Internet.

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  2. Entertainment

    Randall Munroe Finally Finishes His 3,099 Panel xkcd Magnum Opus “Time”

    Webcomics typically adhere to the classic newspaper funny pages formats of a either a single frame, or a few panels laid out in sequence, but they don't have to.  Online comics can have a limitless number of panels, or just be comprised of one big "Infinite Canvas." xkcd creator Randall Munroe finished a single massive story of the strip comprised of 3,099 panels, and Geekwagon put it all together in an easy to view slideshow/animation that's worth checking out.

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  3. Entertainment

    Hyperbole and a Half Announces Return, Entire Internet United in Rejoicing

    Being that our readers (yeah, I'm talking about you) are generally people of high class and exceptional taste, we are delighted to bring you some genuinely awesome news this morning, news that will no doubt be appreciated by Internet connoisseurs like yourselves. Ready? OK -- Allie Brosh has announced her triumphant return to the Internet, and fans can expect a new post on the much-and-rightly lauded blog/ webcomic/genius Internet thing Hyperbole and a Half. Considering the post is Brosh's first in more than a year during which she was working to deal with her depression, we have every anticipation that it will be a doozy.

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    Geektastic Webcomics That Deserve More Attention Than They Have Received

    There are an absolute plethora of webcomics out there. Some have lasted for years while others are only just now starting out. Some are known for their humor, their brevity, their wit, their unique style or really any combination of these and many more. Some follow strict linear plots while others are just a jumbled mass of comics with a sort of tangible reality stretched to cover them. So, the chances are good that there’s at least one that will strike your incredibly niche fancy. Due to the ways in which the geeky demographics mix, if you’re reading this list on this site, chances are even better for at least one if not a whole bunch to be spot on. In fact, you might already know and love XKCD and Dinosaur Comics. But the world of webcomics is far larger than just those two or even three if you count Achewood. So, for those of you out there just dying for a new webcomic to follow, Geekosystem proudly presents a number of geeky webcomics that deserve more attention than they have received.

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  5. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 2/13

    Test footage from the ThunderCats CGI movie (Flixist) Sunday round-up of gamer webcomics (Kotaku) Somebody leaked a completely playable Crysys 2 online (Destructoid) Duke Huggem trailers, behind the scenes footage, news to hug your eyes (Mega64) Pigs, Angry Birds, friendship (Dorkly) Gallery of Brilliance: Vintage Documentary-SciFi Edition (io9) This link is about dinosaur sex. (Smithsonian) (Top pic via Neatorama)

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    Earthworm Jim Creator Makes New Webcomic, Ratfist

    Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood creator, Doug TenNapel, recently released a new webcomic entitled Ratfist. Though Ratfist's power hasn't yet been described, the two panels above, coupled with the hero's name, pretty much let us all know where the comic is headed, barring some kind of rat-based twist. Funnily enough, Ratfist also has a pet rat that I'm hoping spars with his probable future fist-rat. Why should anyone care about Ratfist? Because it's by the creator of Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood, man! If you don't know why that matters: a) shame on you and b) read on past the break.

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  7. Entertainment

    “Axe Cop” Creators Trade Seats, Results Amazing

    Axe Cop found the perfect comedic alchemy between brothers Ethan Nicolle (age 30) and Malachi Nicolle (age 6), and has become a mainstay of webcomics since its debut in January 2010. The strength of the comic is not so much the story, but the production process. Each comic is written by Malachai and then drawn and interpreted by his older brother. The result has been that violent, anarchic kind of humor that only young boys can generate, spawning such memorable phrases as:
    We should put these heads on a stick and hide bombs in them.
    All of that changed on Thursday, when Malachai and Ethan switched roles putting the adult in the writer's chair. According to Ethan, who runs the website, the final product was not quite what he had intended.
    I had a lot more I wanted to do in this story, but Malachai made an executive decision three panels in that he was bored and did not want to draw any more. So, my story about the Moon Warriors fighting a bear became the story of the Moon Warriors being eaten by the God of All Bears.
    Frequent Axe Cop readers should note that while the comic is considered canon, the Moon Warriors are much beloved by Malachai, and are likely to return some time soon.

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  8. Entertainment

    It Was Thanksgiving on the Internet, Too: A Webcomics Roundup

    While it's always great to take some time off to see our real life families, we're geeks, and we tend to run off immediately afterward to reconnect with our electronic lives. In that spirit, we've prepared a round up of this year's Thanksgiving webcomics from around the 'tubes.

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  9. Weird

    Axe Cop: Sweet Webcomic Written by a Five-Year-Old (And Drawn by His Older Bro)

    This is pretty sweet: Axe Cop, a comic written by a five-year-old, Malachai, and illustrated by his Eisner-nominated older brother, Ethan Nicolle. It is about the exploits of a cop, with an axe, who will chop your heads off with the axe, if you don't behave. Nicolle breaks down how it all began:

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