What does the Fox Say?

  1. Entertainment

    Here’s the Inevitable Adventure Time/”The Fox” Mashup

    It's only a matter of time before Ylvis' "The Fox" is mashed up with every possible thing. The next step in its unstoppable cultural takeover is here, and Cartoon Network Africa has put together this version featuring Adventure Time characters and noises. Enjoy?

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  2. Science

    What Does Ylvis’ “The Fox” Have in Common with “Deck the Halls?” Non-Lexical Vocables. Here’s What That Means

    As evidenced by "The Fox", the answer to the question "What does the fox say?" is a lot of unintelligible gibberish. That gibberish is called Non-Lexical Vocables. Basically, sounds we make with our mouths that aren't words. Things like "fa la la" and "na na na" are non-lexical vocables, but why do we use them and not other sounds?

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  3. Entertainment

    Elders React to the Vylvis Fox Music Video, are Appropriately Perplexed [Video]

    The now-infamous "What Does The Fox Say?" video completely broke our brains when we first saw it. So the poor older people that the Fine Brothers subjected to the song for their "Elders React to Music Video" series? They must still be completely beside themselves with confusion.

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  4. Entertainment

    Fox Channel Jumps on “What Does the Fox Say?” With New Promo

    If you're hoping the song "The Fox" by Norwegian band Ylvis will go away, bad news! Fox Broadcasting has picked it up for a new promo, so get comfy with the idea of hearing it -- a lot. It doesn't look like it's going anywhere for a while. Weird fox hats for everybody!

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