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    #FollowFriday: Wil Wheaton (@wilw)

    It's Follow Friday once again, and in honor of tomorrow's Tabletop festivities, we're telling you that you should go follow Wil Wheaton. You know, assuming you don't already.

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    Video of Wil Wheaton Telling a Little Girl How to Deal With Being Called a Nerd Just Decided to Go Viral Now

    In this video from last year's Denver Comic Con, Wil Wheaton answers a young lady's question about whether he was called a nerd growing up and how he dealt with it. It's moving, inspiring, and almost a year old, but for some reason suddenly gained a lot of steam over the weekend.

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  3. Space

    Astronauts, Celebrities, and Voices on “The Golden Record” Wish Voyager I Well in NASA Video

    Neil deGrasse Tyson, Wil Wheaton, Carl Sagan's son, LaVar Burton, astronaut Mike Massimino and many more wish the Voyager I well as it becomes the first human-made object to enter interstellar space. NASA encourages everyone to do the same, because this is a truly remarkable human achievement.

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  4. Science

    Internet Officially Mad at Shark Week for Airing a Fake Megalodon Documentary

    If you happened to tune in to the beginning of Discovery Channel's Shark Week programming last night, you might have caught an unusual documentary about a group of scientists trying to catch a megalodon off the coast of South Africa. Why's it unusual? Because megalodons have been extinct for over 2 million years. Yeah, that'll piss off a few nerds.

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  5. Gaming

    International Tabletop Day Exists Because Felicia Day Says So, But Why Not?

    We don't have enough gaming holidays. of today, we sort of do, because some influential media gamers have just up and declared one. Specifically, Geek & Sundry, the YouTube channel (and a consortium of  geeky celebrities) have pronounced March 30th as the International Tabletop Day. And so now it is! Hit the jump to hear just what that entails.

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    Ever Wanted to Sleep With Wil Wheaton? Well, Now You Can!

    In plushie form that is! Haha! Had you fooled! But, I am sorry if I disappointed anyone. I will admit, there is something about that beard. That beard and that cheeky little smirk of his. You know exactly the one I'm talking about. The one that says, "You know you love me." Believe me, Mr. Wheaton, I do. But, it seems like I'm getting away from the point at hand, which is that you -- one of the scores of loyal Wheaton fans -- can preorder and soon own a real-life and official Wil Wheaton plushie!

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  7. Tech

    How to Convincingly Deliver Technobabble

    In a recent blog post, actor and writer Wil Wheaton, who plays a brilliant (non-lethal) weapons scientist on Syfy's Eureka, and who, we have noticed, often winds up playing geeky characters, muses on the difficulty of delivering technobabble as an actor. The problem with technobabble -- the pseudoscientific expository dialogue that may sound silly and make sticklerish fans fume, but is often crucial to setting up the scene and advancing the plot -- is that it's important, and the character delivering it is probably an expert on its content, but it's difficult for an actor to actually emote or, well, act when delivering it, which is why technobabble is often delivered in a rote manner. Here was Wheaton's "Eureka" moment: [I deeply apologize for that sentence]

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    Wil Wheaton Reacts to Los Angeles Double Rainbow

    Wil Wheaton, noted geek icon and "that jerk on The Guild," responded to a double rainbow seen in Los Angeles via cellphone video, comedy, and science. (@wilw via The Daily What)

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    At the Mountains of Freshness: Great Old Spice

    When tales fly thick in the grottoes of tritons, and conches in seaweed cities blow wild tunes learned from the Elder Ones, then great eager vapours flock to heaven laden with carnation, citrus, and cedar. And Great Cthulhu emerges from the shower.

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  10. Gaming

    Watch an Obnoxious Interviewer Terrorize PAX

    This is what happened when Yeshmin Blechin, parody interviewer, was unleashed on the Penny Arcade Expo crowd. The interviewees consist of geek cultural icons like Jonathan Coulton and Wil Wheaton. Check out the outtakes video below.

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  11. Entertainment

    Wil Wheaton “Quits” w00tstock

    Well, it's been a week since Dry-Erasegate, when an ad agency TheCHIVE fooled the internet for a few hours with a series of photographs that supposedly emailed around an office when a certain HOPA decided to take her leave. So the viral quit was a viral hoax. What's next? Why, meta-tastic riffing on the original meme, of course. From Wil Wheaton, Paul and Storm, and a special guest? Why, this is the internet, isn't it? We reproduce the beginning of Wil Wheton's answer to the Dry-Erase Quitter below.

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    Best Vacation Ever: We’re Crazy for JoCo Cruise Crazy

    What do Jonathan Coulton, John Hodgman, Wil Wheaton, Paul and Storm, Bill Corbett & Kevin Murphy from Rifftrax, Molly Lewis, and Mike Phirman have in common? Two things. First of all, they are the best and brightest in the ever-important worlds of geek music and comedy. Second of all, and I hardly even believe this myself, they are all entertaining on the same Caribbean cruise, taking place from Jan. 2 to Jan. 8, 2011. The cruise, called JoCo Cruise Crazy and organized by Johnathan Coulton, promises to be the best vacation anyone will have ever gone on in any of their lives.

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  13. Gaming

    Essay: What I Learned From My First PAX

    The inaugural Penny Arcade Expo East sold out earlier this year, but I was never worried.  I'd ordered badges for me and my friend R in October.  And so, last Thursday, I made my way to New York Penn Station to begin my first weekend at that great gaming Mecca: PAX. I learned a few things from my first PAX and my second con:

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    Why The Big Bang Theory Is Good For Geeks, and Why I Hate The Big Bang Theory

    When I found out that Stan Lee would be appearing in this week's episode of The Big Bang Theory, I was momentarily elated. This was swiftly followed by sadness when I reminded myself that no matter how much I want to enjoy it, every time I watch an episode of TBBT I feel bad at the end of it. It would be wrong to say that I think The Big Bang Theory is a bad show. In fact, I think overall that TBBT is a very good thing for geek culture, and it is clear to me that the guys behind it are true geeks. But the fact remains that I feel excluded and sometimes even insulted by the show. And I don't mean insulted by inaccuracies, like that you can't steal loot off of your companions' corpses in World of Warcraft. Worst. Game reference. Ever. (/shove glasses up nose /toke on inhaler). I'd like to try and explain why I think The Big Bang Theory is good for geek culture, and why I nevertheless hate it.

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    New, Geek Cameo-Packed “We Love xkcd” Video Will Make Your Heart Go Boom De Yada

    Quick: what do Neil Gaiman, Wil Wheaton, Cory Doctorow, Lawrence Lessig, Bruce Schneier, Jason Kottke, Phil Plait, MC Frontalot, and many more have in common? Answer: they've all teamed up to make a new "We Love xkcd" video, where they sing their love of the Internet, cryptography, your sister, and more, in homage to the classic xkcd strip "xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel." Video after the jump:

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