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    Department of Energy Study Says U.S. Could Have 80% Renewable Power by 2050

    A new study published by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has some good news: Renewable power could contribute up to 80% of the nation's electricity needs by 2050 using existing, commercially available technology. Though the transition won't necessarily be easy, the report is a strong endorsement of expanding renewable power.

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    Japanese Innovation Could Make Wind Power Cheaper Than Nuclear

    After the damage caused by the Fukushima disaster, it only makes sense that Japan turn its resources to trying to find another efficient form of clean energy besides nuclear. Research into wind turbine development may have lead to a solution with stunning potential. Wind lenses, brims that go around the outside of a turbine's blades, can double or even triple the turbine's power output, bringing wind farms in line with the efficiency and output of nuclear power, without the danger of a meltdown.

    The wind lens was developed at Kyushu University, where prototypes are already in use. The wind lense works by creating a pocket of low pressure in front of the turbine. As a result, air rushes to the low pressure point, conveniently enough, right through the turbine, increasing the speed of the turbine and ultimately, the amount of power that is put out.

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