1. Science

    Take Heart, Sweet Summer Children: Shivering Might Help You Lose Body Fat

    It was 28 degrees Fahrenheit this morning when I got to work. Tomorrow, it might snow up to a foot in New York again. But it's worth it if it means I don't have to exercise, am I right, laaaaadies?! No, wait, it's not. Please. I want to feel the sun again.

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  2. Science

    This Winter Has Officially Been Especially Miserable, According to Science

    If you're currently located above the Mason-Dixon line, then you are probably super-bummed right now. That's because this winter has been the coldest that most major Northeastern and Midwestern cities, including New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and worst of all, Detroit, have seen since 1950, according to a recent index created by meteorologists.

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  3. Science

    Remember That Snow Is Beautiful With a Microscopic Time-Lapse of Snowflakes Forming [Video]

    You may not be the biggest fan of snow after all the recent storms, but maybe this microscopic view of snowflakes forming can turn that opinion around—until, of course, the next time it snows, which is apparently every day forever. Maybe remembering this video will brighten your day next time your commute has you slogging through mounds of slush.

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  4. Science

    How Much Snow Makes A Snow Day? Take A Look At This Map

    Redditor atrubetskoy has created a map that shows how much snow on average a region requires in order for school to be cancelled. Take a look at the awesome results below to see what you have to ask Mother Nature for if you want a day off to do adorable snow things.

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  5. Science

    A Comet May Have Caused the Winter of 536 to Last for 10 Years

    General consensus is that the Dark Ages sucked. Unicorns went extinct, you were either a witch or had the plague, and oh yeah, winter lasted for ten years once.

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  6. Weird

    “Janus” Was Probably Not The Best Name To Give Give This Storm, Weather Channel

    The Weather Channel does this thing now where they give practically every rain cloud a name so they can scare people into watching. They probably thought they were being clever by naming this one after the Roman god from which we derive the word "January." Instead it sort of backfired, didn't it? Really a bummer for everyone involved.

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  7. Weird

    Thousands of Snowy Owls Are Migrating to Florida Because It’s Too Cold in Canada

    Snowy owls tend to stick to parts of the continent that are, y'know, snowy — but anything goes in this weird post-polar vortex world of ours, and now there are reports of snowy owl sightings as far south as Florida. That's right, it's too cold in Canada for animals that have the word "snow" in their names.

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  8. Tech

    Electric Scooter Designed For Snow Travel Is Equal Parts Amazing And Awkward

    This electric scooter from DK Laboratories took over 18 months to build from scratch, and comes complete with a ski in the front for optimal snow-travel. Even though this looks functional for snowy pedestrian cities (Toronto and NYC, I'm lookin' at you), there's still the whole thing where it's still a scooter, which just makes it super uncool.

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  9. Weird

    This Is What Happens When You Use A Water Gun Outside (When It’s As Cold As Mars)

    Yesterday we told you that a bunch of Canada got colder than Mars. Today, it looks like the same is true for the majority of North America. This guy in Northern Ontario (where it was -41°C and -41°F) filled a SuperSoaker with boiling water, went out into the cold, and created his own clouds. It's like the intense version of seeing your breath.

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  10. Weird

    This Video of People Slipping on Ice is Eight Minutes of Pure Schadenfreude

    There are quite a few people out there who are quick to point out that slipping on ice is never a laughing matter. Admittedly, they're half right in their belief, but what those killjoys fail to grasp is that it all depends on the context. See, when you fall down flat on your face when trying to traverse an icy surface, it's not at all funny. Now if someone else, on the other hand, takes a spill, then by all means, feel free to giggle a little bit -- even if this brief moment of relishing in another's public humiliation is frowned upon. Better yet, whip out the camera and start filming the poor saps getting acquainted with the icy concrete that, up until a few seconds ago, was beneath their feet. That's what one person did when some hapless pedestrians thought they'd make it across a frozen sidewalk with their dignity in one piece.

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  11. Weird

    Russian Elephants Saved From Siberian Winter by Heaping Helpings of Vodka

    If you're travelling through Siberia in the depths of winter and your transportation breaks down, you pretty much have two options. 1)Freeze to death rather quickly. 2)Break out the vodka, start pounding shots like a frat pledge, and probably still freeze to death, but more slowly and with a better attitude about it. You can consider that second method now officially endorsed by elephants after a trailer carrying a pair of pachyderms from a Polish circus broke down in the bitter cold of the Novosibirsk region of Siberia, forcing their handlers to feed them cases of warm water mixed with vodka to keep them warm. The tricked  worked, and the elephants are fully recovered from their chilling ordeal, if probably a little hungover.

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  12. Science

    Wondering Why This Winter Isn’t Very Cold?

    Located in New York, the Geekosystem team has been wondering why this winter doesn't seem very wintery. It has only snowed once in New York City so far this year, at an oddly early time toward the end of October, compared to this time last year when it literally snowed in 49 states. Right now, it is 45 degrees outside in New York City in the middle of January, with a high of 52. That's not very cold considering what happened in New Jersey a little over one year ago. Last year around this time, snow cover was at 50% across the country, compared to a measly 19% now. Why is it so not cold this year? Wunderground meteorologist Jeff Masters explains it has to do with an unusual jet stream over the last few months.

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  13. Weird

    N.J. Road Service Saves Cash by Melting Ice With Pickle Juice

    The city of Bergen County, New Jersey, is slated to become the most delicious smelling city in America. Provided, of course, that you are a fan of deli pickles. In the wake of a rough, stormy winter season on the east coast, the affluent enclave has turned to pickle brine as a cheaper alternative rock salt to keep their roads clear and navigable. From the Time Magazine newsfeed blog:
    And the price can't be beat: the briny mixture costs just 7 cents a gallon, compared to $63 a ton for salt. Quick math works the pickle juice out to roughly $16 per ton [...]
    This is just one more use for pickle brine after it's recent resurgence on the cocktail scene. If it can keep our roads clean and chase our shots, is there nothing that preserved foods can't do? Next up: 101 uses for putrefied shark fin. (via Time newsfeed, image via TeaWithBuzz)

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  14. Tech

    Wi-Fi Thermostat Gives Us Another Reason to Remain Motionless

    Sitting around while moving nothing but your fingers all day can leave you with the shivers. Well, now you can continue your marathon of inactivity by controlling your thermostat from your phone! Oh, America. I shouldn't be quite so flippant about what actually sounds like a pretty useful application. Available for computers as well as iPhones (no word on an Android app), the Filtrete program is designed to set "temperature changes, four times a day, every day of the week. That’s 56 individual data points to configure on a small display with a minimum of input options." Which might be a bit much to deal with on a phone's touch screen. But think of it as a remote start for your car - if you're coming back from the airport in the dead of winter (say from a warm, sunny environment) the least you deserve is coming home to a warm house. So this would allow you to turn up the heat in the cab on the way home or even before that.

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