1. Science

    New Code Identifies Wolves Based on Howl With 100% Accuracy

    Dire wolves might be extinct -- and likely never quite as cool as George R.R. Martin made us believe -- but real wolves are still pretty awesome, and new studies show they are even more so than we knew. Each wolf has a unique and distinct howl. New source analysis code can identify wolves by their howl with 100% accuracy. Um, wow.

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  2. Weird

    Thirty Wolves Suddenly Howling in Unison’s Haunting and Eerie

    The children of the night. What music they make! Except that these children of the night are impatient pooches who don't wait for the night at all. So at some point during your day, you really could do worse than listen to a chorus of wolves sing in eerie unison. In this case, all 30 at the Wolf Creek Habitat & Rescue in Indiana channel the beast within.

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  3. Science

    Not by the Hair of Our Chinny Chin Chins: Italian Wolves Prefer the Taste of Ham Over Venison

    The three little pigs better not be planning to build a summer villa in Italy anytime soon, since a recent study of Italian wolves showed that local wild boar accounts for nearly two-thirds of the predator's overall diet, while the remaining one-third is roe deer. Biologists learned about the wolves' discerning tastes after sifting through and analyzing numerous samples of wolf fecal matter from the population in Tuscany over a period of nine years. Based on these findings, in conjunction with the Italian wolf's behavior, there is a chance that the species can be reintroduced into parts of Europe without disturbing the land of local farmers or their livestock.

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  4. Science

    Ancient Skull Sheds Light On How Dogs Became Man’s Best Friend

    A newly discovered canine skull dating back 33,000 years may be some of the earliest evidence for dog domestication ever found. The skull was unearthed in a cave in the Siberian Altai mountains by an international team of Russian-led archaeologists. The skull shows a mixture of traits seen in dogs and wolves. The snout is similar in size to early domesticated dogs in Greenland from around 1,000 years ago, but its large teeth are closer to those found in 31,000-year-old European wolves. The study, which was published in the journal PLoS One, suggests that the newly found skull may be from a dog in the extremely early stages of domestication.

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  5. Gaming

    Breaking: Minecraft Beta 1.4 is Live

    The creator of Minecraft Markus Persson, A.K.A. Notch, has just announced that version Beta 1.4 is live for download. Though not nearly as world-changing as 1.3, it adds some new features and one new mob. According to the Minecraft site this update will include:
    * Added tameable wolves * Added cookies * Sleeping in a bed now resets your spawn position * New Minecraft logo * Holding shift while climbing will hang on to the ladder * Spiders will no longer trample crops * Lots and lots of infrastructure for Statistics lists and Achievements
    Users on the Minecraft forums have also confirmed the addition of cocoa beans, and brown sheep. There are also scattered reports of a special in-game April Fool's Day joke. Check back for more on these new features as we find them!

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  6. Gaming

    Sneak Peak at the Forthcoming Minecraft Pets

    Minecraft will soon be getting significantly cuter soon, with the addition of the new wolf mob. Originally conceived during a discussion Minecraft creator Notch had at GDC, Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten has been dropping little hints about the new pet mob. Today, Bergensten tweeted out a link to this video, which shows the wolves frolicking about and gives us some hints as to how these will work in game. Head on past the break for details.

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  7. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 7/15

    How Old Spice won the Internet (ReadWriteWeb) The ten best Old Spice response videos (Urlesque) Adorable dog thinks he's a wolf (Reddit) The problem with software patents (Big Think) Axe Cop coming to Dark Horse (Comics Alliance) Was our universe born inside a black hole in another universe? (io9) Malformed MIME header (B3ta) (title image via GeekTyrant)

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