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    Gal Gadot Speaks on Wonder Woman Casting, and We Think Something Got Lost in Translation

    Gal Gadot has finally done her first interview on the subject of her Wonder Woman casting. Unfortunately for us, it's an Israeli interview, so the whole thing is in Hebrew, but if the translation is accurate, the guy conducting the interview completely misunderstands the issue people are having with Gadot as "her boobs are too small."

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    Geekosystem Podcast Episode 11 “Waiting for Gadot”

    The Geekosystem Podcast goes international this week as our wonderful weekend editor Sam Maggs Skypes in to join the conversation from Canada. Most of the episode is devoted to arguing discussing Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman in Man of Steel 2. Oh yes, we have opinions.

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    DC Women Kicking Ass Takes a Surprising Stance on Wonder Woman Casting News

    The news that actress Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Women in Man of Steel 2 is just hours old, and already the Internet has expressed strong opinions about it. One of the most surprising reactions came from the Twitter account for the DC Women Kicking Ass blog, which has equated past experience with acting ability.

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    Wonder Woman Officially Announced and Cast in Man of Steel 2, Internet Explodes

    More Batman Vs. Superman news! No, we don't have a real title yet, but we do have a Wonder Woman -- Gal Gadot, a relative newcomer who spent two years in the Israeli army and was seriously awesome in the last two Fast and Furious movies. But more to the point: they're putting Wonder Woman in the movie?! Holy COW.

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    The Trailer for Justice League: War Is Online, and Now We’re Pumped for It

    Before we see Ben Affleck suit up as the Dark Knight, we're getting another animated Justice League movie in the form of Justice League: War. Adapted from Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League Origin the film looks to tell how the league was formed, and could be an inspiration for the coming live action Justice League.

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    Kitchen Overlord Makes Potatoes Anna With a Wonder Woman Twist

    We might not be getting a Wonder Woman movie any time soon, unfortunately, but with a couple of winter vegetables and a whole lot of butter, we can all make our very own Wonder Woman potato dish to serve at the premiere party some day. Kitchen Overlord Chris-Rachael Oseland makes it look really easy with her latest recipe. Take that, WB execs!

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    Incredible Wonder Woman Short Film Shows DC How It Should Be Done [VIDEO]

    Remember when DC President Diane Nelson said making a Wonder Woman film would be too "tricky?" Apparently the people at Rainfall Films didn't agree with her, because they put together this insanely-beautiful two-and-a-half minute Wonder Woman short film that needs to be made into full theatrical-length flick right now.

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  8. Weird

    British Paralympians to Dress Up as Superheroes for Wheelchair Race Because They Are the Best

    World record-breaking wheelchair racer and Paralympian Hannah Cockroft has one race left in the 2013 season. To celebrate her upcoming sabbatical, she's decided to go out with a bang. Possibly also a "Pow!" and maybe a "Klang!" for good measure, because she'll be dressed up as Wonder Woman for the race.

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    Superman and Wonder Woman are the Biggest Couple in Comics

    For years, they've been dancing around it. Hiding their feelings. Calling it impractical. In 2012, Superman and Wonder Woman have stopped pretending, and are now the most super superhero couple in the DC universe. Starting in next week's issue of Justice League, Superman and Wonder Woman will hook up and start dating.

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    SuperHarmony, the Dating Site for Heroes and Villains

    Are you lonely? Looking for a special someone? Are you also ok with tights-wearing crime fighters or amoral megalomaniacs bent on world domination and/or life of crime? Friends, SuperHarmony is the site for you. And let's face it, it's been a long time coming. Some of these guys and gals have been doing the whole lone-wolf thing since the '40s. After sixty years of the isolation that comes with responsibility, or a life of meaningless sex that only serves to inflate your established sense of power and superiority over other humans, these folks deserve some down time. Time to "chillax." It's great to see tools like this finally emerging in the information age, bringing real happiness to some really super people. And superheroes and villains aren't the only ignored demographic finally finding love, as SeaCaptainDate plows the uncharted waters of the final dating frontier.

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    Casting Sheet For Wonder Woman Reveals Really Obviously Symbolic Names

    The venerable tumblog DC Women Kicking Ass has gotten a hold of the casting sheet for David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman pilot, revealing what looks like the majority of the major characters of the show. The new show will portray a Wonder Woman who is a "powerful C.E.O.", and most of the characters named fall into the category of a CEO's entourage.  A press secretary/best friend, a personal assistant, and a second-in-command-CEO.  Those who don't fall into that category, naturally, are love interests. Honestly, our favorite part?  Liberal use of the phrase "open ethnicity" when used to describe casting requirements.

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    Never Mind: David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman Pilot Totally Greenlit by NBC

    Some surprising news from NBC this weekend: Two weeks after passing on a Wonder Woman show scripted by David E. Kelly because the network couldn't afford the character's licensing fee, the National Broadcasting Company has changed it's mind an given the green light to the Amazonian princess. Apparently two weeks ago, NBC was still going through some internal staff changeups, and didn't have someone who could vouch for a project as big as Wonder Woman.  Now that new president Bob Greenblatt is firmly in charge, the network could firmly commit itself. In other news, the show might not be about an Amazon.  Or a princess.

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    David E. Kelly’s Wonder Woman Show Is A No-Go

    David E. Kelly's announced Wonder Woman television show has been shopped around to networks... and nobody's buying. According to Deadline Kelly's pilot script

    was reportedly taken out to the broadcast networks on Wednesday night. Fox and ABC passed, while WBTV's sister network the CW could not afford it...
    This left CBS and NBC in play. I hear the CBS executive team was split, while the fluid situation at NBC where new programming chief Bob Greenblatt is yet to take the reins, made it impossible to get the type of license fee that the studio was seeking in order to do the show Kelley had envisioned.
    The reason why ABC passed on the pilot is of course because of the network's association with Disney, who are now the big media company behind Marvel comics.  ABC is currently working on three different Marvel-based television shows, and nobody wants to cross the streams of the Big Two.

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    Women of DC Comics Jewelry is Awesome, Outside My Price Range

    Designer Leeora Catalan's nOir Jewelry has just released pictures of their new line of DC comics jewelry based on the women of the comics universe, and it's kind of shockingly awesome. Sadly, that beautiful Wonder Woman cuff does not appear to be available yet, so I can't go to its page to see just how much more-than-I-would-be-able-to-spend it costs. And I don't even like having stuff on my wrists that much. Oh, and there are also some cuff-links, guys.

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  15. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 10/24

    Life Size Monopoly House (Neatorama) Terrifying My Little Pony Zombie (eponyart) The Fastest Way Around the Bases Is Actually Almost a Circle (ScienceNews) Marty McFly Imitator for BttF Game Is Amazing (Kotaku) Photoshop Arms Onto Birds (Something Awful) Wikileaks Vs. The Pentagon Papers (Death and Taxes) Today is Wonder Woman Day (Wonder Woman Museum) (pic via Kotaku.)

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