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    Study Finds That Online Gaming Is Actually Good For Your Social Life, Mom

    Online gaming is not solely the refuge of lonely, anti-social nerd bros like Warcraft guy from that episode of South Park. A new study, surprising no one who actually plays games online, shows that gaming online actually expands players' social lives, instead of limiting them. Almost like you're playing with real people online. Because you are.

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  2. Weird

    NSA Tried to Find Terrorists by Playing Online Games, Genius Plan Somehow Failed

    You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than... Xbox Live? OK, we might not be willing to repeat some of the trash talk we've heard there, but it's a bit amusing to imagine a bunch of intelligence agents deciding that it's a good place to do surveillance for terrorists. It's much easier to imagine they just thought it'd be fun.

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    Check out Critical Hit, A New VG Cover Band Founded By World of Warcraft‘s Composer [Video]

    Jason Hayes really likes video game music -- as the in-house composer for Blizzard Entertainment, it's sort of his thing. But apparently writing for World of Warcraft, Diablo 2, and Starcraft wasn't fulfilling enough, because now he's got a new project where he brings professional musicians together to perform famous video game songs.

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    Internet Response League to Crowdsource Disaster Relief From Online Gamers

    Ding! Level up, you've just gained 5000 experience points for coordinating disaster relief efforts. That's the goal of the Internet Response League, a group that hopes to harness the multitude of online gamers to use social media to save lives when natural disasters strike.

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  5. Gaming

    Blizzard Wants Even More of Your Money: World of Warcraft Microtransactions Confirmed

    If buying expansions and paying a monthly fee to play the World of Warcraft wasn't enough fire to burn a hole in your pocket, then Blizzard has good news for you: Items you can buy with real money are on the way. Players recently found an item purchasable with cash that would grant you a 100% EXP bonus on a public test server. When pressed on the subject, Blizzard confirmed that microtransactions are in the works.

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  6. Gaming

    Why Raid Grommash Hold When You Can Buy It? Movoto Prices Out the Orc Stronghold

    What's a World of Warcraft orcish stronghold going for on today's market? How would one even begin to put a price on a virtual building? What is the real life equivalent of the Horde capital of Orgrimmar? These aren't questions normal people ask themselves. Thankfully, our friends at Movoto aren't normal. They've crunched the numbers and put a theoretical price tag on Grommash Hold. So, how much would it cost? Let's take a look at the numbers.

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  7. Entertainment

    Cautiously Optimistic: Warcraft Film Picks Up Moon Director

    We're probably the last people that you'd expect to be excited for a film set in the universe of World of Warcraft, but that's the position we find ourselves in now. The movie, Warcraft, is supposed to be a live-action version that takes on Blizzard's franchise, but video game movies are notoriously awful. We've been burned before. That's not to mention the fact that the Warcraft mythos is sprawling and any slight miscalculation on the film's part will be seen as a travesty. Even so, it's been revealed that Duncan Jones, director of sci-fi darling Moon, will be at the helm, and that's left us cautiously optimistic.

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    World of Warcraft Players Break Fundraising Record for Hurricane Sandy Relief

    World of Warcraft is a community as much as it is a game, and sometimes that community has been called on to help out the real world. Blizzard, the company behind WoW, has hosted fundraising efforts in the past for charities like St. Jude Children's Hospital, the Make a Wish Foundation, and even the relief effort after the devastating 2011 tsunami in Japan. Their latest call to action for players has broken all of their previous fundraising records. Blizzard announced last week that World of Warcraft players have raised $2.3 million dollars for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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  9. Gaming

    World of Warcraft Recreated in Minecraft on 1:1 Scale, Beta Released to All

    Minecraft has been around for a while now -- ages in Internet years -- and we've seen some incredible structures and locations built in the blocky world simulator. Sure, the scope of builds became virtually limitless once people figured out they could throw together some code and use a script that analyzes data from an outside source and then automatically translate it to in-game Minecraft blocks, but even then, some builds are just ridiculous. Case in point, World of Warcraft built in Minecraft. The project has been under construction for quite some time, but the beta was just released. Head on past the break to check out comparisons between the two games, as well as more info on the project.

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    World of Warcraft Sees Cities Nuked by Hacker, Surprisingly Not a Plague-Related Event

    Every so often, a glitch or exploit will be discovered that causes massive amounts of World of Warcraft folks to die. This typically has something to do with incorrectly set flags, or similar circumstances, that then cause a chain reaction as more folks exacerbate the problem. It wasn't that long ago that Death Knights found they could cast their plagues on friendly units and caused a mass extinction of their own. Yesterday, an exploit was used to fly around killing everyone in range, thus nuking entire cities across multiple servers.

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    Death Knight’s Plague Rips The World of Warcraft to Shreds

    A bug in World of Warcraft allowed Death Knight players to cast plagues on friendly characters, triggering untold levels of destruction in Azeroth on Friday night. Players looking to enjoy a regular raiding, looting, questing session of WoW may have been met with a rude awakening when they logged on to find that whole towns of players and NPCs had been turned into piles of bones.

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  12. Gaming

    Say Cheese: Blizzard Covertly Watermarking World of Warcraft Screenshots

    Getting a quick self portrait of your World of Warcraft toon in some newly minted gear. We've all been there, posing for posterity. Through some diligent digital detective work, though, a group of players has uncovered something a touch unseemly -- every WoW screenshot is tagged with a digital screenshot, leaving a record of the player taking the shot, a timestamp indicating when the picture was captured, and information about the realm the player is in at the time, including its IP address -- which could be bad news for players who are running on private servers to escape the monthly subscription fee built into adventuring in Azeroth.

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    Blizzard Blocks Iranians From World of Warcraft

    There are some pretty heavy economic sanctions businesses have to deal with under United States law. A number of these have to deal with Iran, because the US isn't what you'd call a fan of their government. However, digital goods and the like have a tendency to be mostly ignored; this isn't because they aren't against the law, per se, but because it's a difficult thing to effectively track and stop. In order to comply with these sanctions, however, it looks like Blizzard has finally blocked access for Iranians to World of Warcraft.

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  14. Gaming

    Blizzard Reveals Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

    Some might argue that Blizzard is "panda"-ring to fans with their newest expansion to the popular World of Warcraft franchise, Mists of Pandaria. What's actually hard to disagree with is that the company sure does know how to make a cinematic trailer. Blizzard revealed the official trailer for Mists of Pandaria and, while it might not have the same impact as Cataclysm's, it's a doozy. The lost continent of Pandaria supposedly holds many secrets for both Alliance and Horde factions.

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    Hold Onto Your Gold Purses, Battle.Net’s Been Breached

    It's time to change your passwords, World of Warcraft fans! The security of has been compromised, Blizzard president Mike Morhaime announced earlier this week. The breach has since been found and closed, but not before a  big ol' list of user names, answers to security questions, and data related to Blizzard's special Authenticator software was taken from their servers.

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