World War Z

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    If You Like Sifting Through Loose Papers, the World War Z Mobile Game’s for You

    Listen: I wanted to like the new World War Z mobile game for iOS from Phosphor Games, I really did. I've heard amazing things about the book, but thought the trailer for the movie was really stupid, and was hoping that the video game would be not unlike The Walking Dead game in terms of being able to hold my interest more than the source material does. Sadly, it's not like that at all. Instead it's an unambitious, unimaginitive first person shooter that made me wish I were reading the book instead.

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  2. Entertainment

    New World War Z Trailer’s a Chaotic Mess, Like Every Zombie Apocalypse Should Be

    The film adaptation of Max Brooks' novelĀ World War Z continues to chug along. At this point, it's really only morbid curiosity that keeps us interested, but that's probably the right kind of curiosity to have when it comes to films based around zombies. The latest trailer shows off a whole lot of nothing while still managing to include The Sound That Every Movie Trailer Has Now to indicate the seriousness of the subject matter. Brad Pitt plus zombies should still make for a fairly good time, but this trailer might not convince anyone straddling the fence.

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