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    Watch the Entire Paperman Animated Short Film Right Here

    If you weren't already aware, both Wreck-It Ralph and the animated short film that preceded it, Paperman, are amazing. That's assuming you're a human being that has emotions and not some kind of shell that's built to withstand even the strongest of feelings. Paperman's even been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Animated Short Film category. Unfortunately for everyone everywhere, there's been no good way to actually see the short after Ralph left theaters. Well, until now.

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    Power Up: East London’s Brick Lane Gets an 8-Bit Makeover to Promote Wreck-It Ralph Release

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph may have come and gone for us yanks in the United States -- hey, we at least have an expedited digital release to look forward to this February -- but our friends over in the United Kingdom are gearing up for the film's countrywide debut, and they did it the best way they knew how: By turning East London's Brick Lane shopping thoroughfare into #8bitLane this past weekend. Although Wreck-It Ralph won't be hitting theaters across the pond until February 8th, Londoners were treated with the opportunity to explore the world as the animated feature's titular hero would see it, complete with life-size 8-bit models of trees, dogs, pigeons, and other common urban sights -- all designed and crafted by sculptor Aden Hynes and his team at Sculpture Studios. Fortunately, the promotion wasn't plagued by adverse weather conditions or programming bugs, and so far as we can tell, no one was injured by having a plumber land on them. Keep reading for a look at the results, and the work that went into them.

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    Doing It Right: Wreck-It Ralph Available for Download Before DVD and Blu-Ray

    Wreck-It Ralph was perhaps, without a doubt, one of the greatest odes to the modern video game industry as a whole and the golden age of video arcades during the early '80s. As such, if you're one of the unfortunate few that happened to miss it, well, it's a downright shame. Luckily, Disney won't have people waiting too long for a market release as the company has announced that Wreck-It Ralph will be available on February 12th... only as a digital download and via streaming services in both HD and 3D. That's right, those with mobile devices and computers will be kicking back and enjoying Wreck-It Ralph in a few weeks, while everyone else anticipating a DVD and Blu-Ray release is going to have to sit tight and ride it out until springtime.

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    Wreck-It Ralph Wrecks Box Office, Breaks Disney Animation’s Highest Opening Weekend Record

    For the most part, movies that deal closely with video games don't tend to do so well commercially. Some mostly blame Uwe Boll for this, and they might be right. Disney Animation's Wreck-It Ralph certainly didn't suffer the same fate as other video game movies on its opening weekend. In fact, Wreck-It Ralph, which features a video game villain searching for something more, has just broken the studio's opening weekend record with an estimated $49.1 million. It's no Pixar, but it's as close as they've come.

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    Latest Wreck-It Ralph Trailer’s Filled With Gaming Tidbits [Video]

    Disney's apparently bent on continuing to explore the geek-filled fringes, what with the massive Marvel movie strategy going on, and Wreck-It Ralph seems to be a welcome addition. The latest and greatest trailer explores Ralph's world a bit more, showing off a series of video game characters he encounters as well as the consequences of his actions. If nothing else, give it a watch to see a character that's almost certainly Zangief from Street Fighter try to console Ralph during his crisis.

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    The Cameos in this Wreck-It-Ralph Trailer will Blow Your Mind [Video]

    It's common for fans of a given game to clamor that their franchise of choice would make an awesome movie. Chances are we're all dead wrong. If this trailer is anything to go by, however, Wreck-It-Ralph could be your one and only chance to see the likes of Robotnik (not "The Eggman" because that name is stupid) Bowser, and M. Bison in a movie that might not be crap. Cross your fingers folks. Oh, and the Wreck-It-Ralph parts look pretty cool too.

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