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    Wait, Why Is Amazing Spider-Man 2 Getting a Post-Credit Sequence from Days of Future Past?

    Marvel movies have trained their nerd audiences well; most of us will sit through the entire credit sequence of a film before we even think about getting up to leave the theater. Now it looks like Sony and Fox, AKA the reasons Wolverine and Spider-Man will never get to hang out with Tony Stark, are hoping to capitalize on that training.

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    Old X-Men Meet Young X-Men in the Final Trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past

    With just over a month to go until its May 23rd release, we've got the final trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, and it's got a whole lot of mutants, sentinels, plot, and explosions. It all looks pretty good, too, aside from Quicksilver's hairpiece. Seriously, no one thought that maybe didn't look right?

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    Can We Please Talk About Quiksilver in That Hardee’s Biscuit Commercial?

    The fast food breakfast wars have claimed another casualty: Evan Peters' dignity. Days of Future Past has gone full Evian-baby with Quiksilver's appearance in this totally gross/baffling ad for biscuits.

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    The Japanese Opening For The 90s X-Men Cartoon Is So Much Cooler Than The One We Got

    We loved the opening credits for the 90s X-Men cartoon - until we saw the two Japanese openings. The cute character spotlights are nothing compared to crazy cartoon violence. Sure, flying around in front of your name is cool, I guess, but have you considered lightning volcanoes? They even manage to make Jubilee look bad-ass (no easy feat).

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    New X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Sets the Future’s Dark Mood, Oh, and Sentinels

    The future is almost here! Well, Days of Future Past, anyway, and we finally got another trailer ahead of the movie's release on May 23rd. This one's got a lot of moody voiceover and exposition about the story before your requisite dose of killer robots and action, and it's looking pretty great.

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    Jackman Says What We Were Already Thinking, Admits He’s Probably Retired His Wolverine Claws

    In an interview with IGN's Scott Collura, Hugh Jackman said he likely won't play Wolverine for a ninth time.

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    Okay But What If Cyclops And Wolverine Were Actually Cats Though [VIDEO]

    Superhero fan and filmmaker Kaipo Jones loves cats almost as much as he loves the X-Men. After posting X-Men Origins: Cyclops Cat a few months back, Jones has continued his X-Cats series with Wolverine Cat! I think Wolverine Cat is going to need a serious scratching post.

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    New X-Men: Days of Future Past Shots Every Hour Today in Empire Magazine Cover Tweets

    Days of Future Past producer Bryan Singer announced on Twitter that he and cast members will be tweeting a new Empire Magazine collectible cover every hour today with new images from the movie. Take a look at the ones we've gotten so far, and then head over to Twitter and check #empire25 for new covers every hour.

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    Cyclops Is Toast In The Latest “Ex-Men” Short From Pete Holmes

    Pete Holmes (as Professor X) is down-sizing the X-Men, and no one is safe. The next victim on Charles Xavier's list is none other than the RayBan-clad Cyclops. Does it matter that he's the leader of the X-Men? Nope! Why? Because he uncontrollably shoots laser beams from his eyes. The firing really makes sense, when you think about it.

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    Comics to Read After Last Night’s Agents of SHIELD Episode, “The Bridge”

    Last night's SHIELD brought back the superpowered Michael Peterson as well as some earlier baddies for the mid-season finale. Frankly we were pretty happy to see some more of the larger story start to come together, and overall were a lot more impressed with this episode than the last one. Now, here are some comics you should read.

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    Storm Has No Time For Professor X’s Attitude, Is Now Also An “Ex”-Man

    As Professor X, Pete Holmes has been on a firing rampage, scaling back the X-Men to those most worthy of his sweet mutant clubhouse. Though he loves Storm's powers, Xavier might just be asking a little too much of Storm when he requests she... branch out a bit. The result? Hilarious perfection.

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    Rogue’s Inability to Remember Not to Touch Anyone Gets Her Fired from the X-Men [Video]

    We love jokes about things that we enjoy, and Pete Holmes has capitalized on this by hilariously firing each of the X-Men as Professor X. Turns out Professor X really doesn't like dealing with high insurance premiums caused by Rogue repeatedly hurting everyone. It's wish time, and if your wish is to watch Rogue get fired, it's Christmas.

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    We Were Wrong: Pete Holmes Totally Has the Budget to Fire Nightcrawler

    We love these "Ex-Men" videos from The Pete Holmes Show, but earlier this week we mentioned in our SHIELD recap that we didn't think they would ever do Nightcrawler because of the expense. We were wrong. Watch Professor X let Nightcrawler go because of the smell of his teleportation farts.

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    Professor X Fires Iceman, His Warpath Continues [Video]

    Pete Holmes has been firing the X-Men for their silly powers for a few weeks, and this time it's Iceman's turn. Before you get all bent out of shape, remember: a guy whose power is ice does legitimately sound silly no matter how awesome he actually is in the comics. Now we will have this stuck in our head for weeks, but it's totally worth it.

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    Pete Holmes Has Heard Your Pleas, Fires Jubilee in Latest “Ex-Men” Short [Video]

    Pete Holmes has been doing this thing on his TV show where he dresses up as Professor X and fires all the X-Men who he thinks don't have cool enough powers. Naturally, such an undertaking cannot be accomplished without addressing Jubilee's unusual "plasmoid" display. It's not exactly as cool as shooting lasers out of your eyes, after all.

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