1. Gaming

    Five-Year-Old Discovers Xbox Account Password Security Hole, Uses His Powers to Play Age-Inappropriate Games

    Microsoft, long a bastion of computer security, has been bested by the finest mind in computer hacking: a five-year-old trying to play age-inappropriate games on his dad's Xbox.

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  2. Gaming

    Microsoft Isn’t Happy British Spies Considered Spying on Gamers With Kinect

    Further proving British spies have their fingers firmly on the pulse of the technologically literate, new details in their probably incredibly useful Yahoo user spying program say that they were also eyeing Microsoft's Kinect as a way to spy on people. Is there no piece of technology we can trust? Luckily, who even uses Kinect?

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  3. Gaming

    The Immersion Gaming Headset Tries to Frustrate You into Staying Calm While Gaming

    The goal of the immersion headset is to help gamers learn to stay calm under pressure and perform better as a result. It aims to do that by increasing game difficulty as you lose your cool, so that you eventually learn that staying calm is much more productive than, say, putting your fist through your screen.

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  4. Gaming

    Xbox Continues to Confuse and Annoy Us With This Weird Xbox One Marketing Slogan

    Xbox sure does love to boast their ability to render amazingly realistic graphics with their gaming consoles, so it makes sense they'd want to highlight that fact in their most recent advertisements for the upcoming Xbox One. This was not the way to do it, grammatically speaking.

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  5. Gaming

    Xbox 360 Finally Ditches Microsoft Points for Cold Hard Digital Cash

    If you have an Xbox 360 you're probably familiar with -- and hate -- Microsoft Points. The company has been in the process of phasing out points for a while now, and they'll be officially done with as of the next 360 update. Gamers will now be able to use their local currency to make purchases. Finally.

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  6. Science

    Scientists Use Kinect to Put Cyborg Roaches on Autopilot

    Scientists at North Carolina State University have used an Xbox Kinect to automatically guide cockroaches along a set path. This isn't the first time someone's wired up a cockroach to get it to do their bidding, but as far as we know it's the first time someone's done it using an Xbox Kinect to get the roaches on autopilot. This sounds ridiculous, but Xbox-controlled cyborg cockroaches could actually help save lives.

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  7. Gaming

    How Are Used Games Going to Work With Xbox One? Microsoft Finally Offers Details, Kind Of

    For months, pretty much the entirety of the Internet has been devoted to clearing up the rumors -- Always on connectivity? No more used games? -- surrounding the Xbox One. In the past couple of days, Microsoft itself has taken the opportunity to clarify how the new console will change the way we play...kind of. While the company has offered new takes on the system's connectivity requirements and used game policies, some big questions about how exactly those policies will be put in place remain.

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  8. Gaming

    Watch the New Xbox Announcement Right Here [Live Stream]

    Today marks the official announcement of the new Xbox 720 Durango Infinity... you know what, the technical name is kind of immaterial, and we'll all have an official one for it in just a few hours when the big reveal kicks off at 1 pm ET/10 am ET. Join us for the launch and watch the live stream to learn more about the latest console you can't afford to buy but probably will anyway.

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  9. Gaming

    Sony Releases Pointless Blurry Preview of PS4, So Let’s Pretend To Be Pumped About It!

    Tomorrow is Microsoft's big Xbox event, so to try and steal their thunder Sony released a sneak peek of the PS4 hardware. It's a blurry wide shot of the box cut, with quick flashes of close ups. If they showed the box itself we'd be excited. Instead we're just disappointed -- again. Sony, if you want to steal someone's thunder by showing your junk -- you need to show your junk. Let's break down this failure frame by frame.

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  10. Weird

    No, CollegeHumor, No! Bad CollegeHumor! Do Not Reward Stupidity

    Quick recap if you missed it last week: Henry Gribbohm lost his $2,600 life savings at a carnival game trying to win an Xbox. He did not win the Xbox, but he did win a giant banana. CollegeHumor offered to buy the banana off of him if they got 26,000 Facebook likes on their video. They did. CollegeHumor has purchased the banana from Gribbohm, and even gave him an Xbox. Sigh.

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  11. Gaming

    Bullet Dodged: Next Xbox Will Play Single Player Games Without an Internet Connection

    Dreading the prospect of a next generation Xbox that has to be constantly connected to the Internet to be of any use? Yeah, so were we. We can all breathe a little easier today, though, as a Microsoft memo obtained by Ars Technica suggests the new Xbox -- codenamed Durango -- won't need to be connected to the Internet to play one player games. That's right, folks -- no always on for us!

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  12. Gaming

    Sign of the End Times: Pizza Hut App Lets You Order Pizza Without Letting Go of Xbox Controller

    The dark ages of eating pizza and playing video games are coming to an end now that Pizza Hut has released its official Xbox ordering app, sparing us all the grim fate of putting down the controller to order a pizza. Truly, we live in the future. Now we get to find out how long the future will put up with this kind of crap.

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  13. Gaming

    We May See the New Xbox May 21st

    For those of you waiting with bated breath for the next iteration of the Xbox, your long wait is...well, not over. But it at least has a date set that it will be over, so that's something. Signs suggest that a May 21st Microsoft press conference will represent the first sighting in the wild of the next-generation console. Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, prepare to start complaining about a new

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  14. Gaming

    Way of the Dogg Video Game Stars Snoop Dogg the Kung Fu Master

    Because recent news stories haven't been crazy enough -- or maybe because we just needed that extra push to cross the point of no return -- here's one that makes sense only if you've watched like thirty Harlem Shake videos back to back. Snoop Dogg -- or the Lion formerly known as Dogg -- is making a video game called Way of the Dogg for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation. In it, you will learn to fight at his temple. I mean, duh.

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  15. Gaming

    These Could Be the Specs for the Next Generation Kinect

    There is a new batch of rumors about the successor to the Xbox Kinect that give the specifics on the updated device currently operating under the name "Durango". The rumors are detailed down to the specs of the 3D camera sensor, but nothing is official yet. The specs being reported seem pretty believable though -- most categories are getting a slight bump in specs, but nothing so crazy as to raise any doubt. Let's look at the numbers.

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