1. Tech

    The NSA Helped British Spies Observe Yahoo Users For Years

    Here's news to make you recoil from your computer in disgust: we're not done with horrifying NSA revelations. The Guardian broke the news today that the NSA helped its British equivalent GCHQ spy on Yahoo users from 2008 to 2010 as part of operation "Optic Nerve," and now spies know what a lot of us look like naked. M would be outraged.

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  2. Tech

    Tumblr Web Traffic Reportedly Just Hit a Real Steep Decline

    More bad news from the blogging platform that everybody loves to hate to love: according to measurements taken by Quantcast, traffic to Tumblr's desktop and mobile websites appear to be going downhill fast this year. Seriously, it's like 2011 low. Remember what Tumblr was like in 2011? Exactly.

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  3. Entertainment

    Learn How to Make Agent Coulson Coleslaw With Agent Coulson Himself [Video]

    Clark Gregg is possibly the most adorable member of the Avengers cast -- and that's saying a lot considering how attractive all the people in that movie are. Don't believe us? Check out how funny he is in this episode of Cinema & Spice, a cutesy Yahoo Shine-sponsored show that focuses on healthy movie-inspired recipes. Hosts Julianna and Natasha teach him how to make mayonnaise-free coleslaw to put in their own shawarma sandwiches, and he makes a lot of Marvel-related puns and dorky faces while simultaneously promoting his new show, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. In other news, I want to be his best friend.

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  4. Tech

    A Brief History of Tumblr Layout Changes and Why I’ve Hated All of Them

    Tumblr and I have been through a lot together. I first got mine about four years ago, back when Tumblarity was still a thing and people actually respected David Karp as a person, and I’ve hated it and loved it in equal amounts ever since. At this point I’ve started to experience something not unlike highway amnesia when it comes to the now ubiquitous blogging platform — I’ll open Google Chrome while trying to show my roommate a Youtube video on, you know, Youtube, and all of a sudden I’ll find myself three pages deep into my dashboard with no idea what just happened. But the more time I spend on the website, the more I tell myself that I really need to give it up and find some new social media hangout, because the sheer amount of changes they’ve made to the site and the way that they’ve handled every single one send me into a mini rage spiral every time I think about them. I can feel my teeth grinding right now, guys.

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  5. Tech

    Yahoo CEO Vows Not to Screw Up Tumblr Before Detailing Exactly How Yahoo Will Screw Up Tumblr

    The news broke yesterday that Yahoo will pay $1.1 billion for the Internet's foremost source for cat GIFs and teenage poetry, Tumblr. Not everyone is taking the news well, but Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has stated that she promises "not to screw it up." Then she outlined a plan to feature more ads on Tumblr. That sounds a lot like screwing up Tumblr.

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  6. Tech

    Yahoo Pays $1.1 Billion for Cat GIFs (Gets Rest of Tumblr Free With Purchase)

    Yahoo is holding a big media event in New York tomorrow, at which everyone was expecting them to announce they would be buying Tumblr. Instead of waiting for the big event, The Wall Street Journal reported that Yahoo's board has approved the Tumblr purchase and its $1.1 billion price tag, which will be paid in cash.

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  7. Tech

    The Canadian Government Mistakenly Sponsored The Pirate Bay

    Everybody is supposed to hate internet pirates. That's just how it is now: If you don't, you might end up on some kind of watch list or something. The Canadian government is going to be pretty embarrassed, then, when everybody finds out the Canadian Department of Finance recently bought ads on one of Canada's most popular websites, The Pirate Bay.

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  8. Tech

    Yahoo! Ditches BlackBerry, Offers Variety of Phones to Employees

    In their continuing bid to remain relevant, Yahoo! is apparently going to replace the corporate phones of all their employees. The old mainstays, BlackBerry devices, will be replaced by their much cooler cousins -- like the iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920. Sure, this might come off as another stab at RIM, but really it's just Yahoo! attempting to get with the times.

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  9. Tech

    Yahoo! Slowly Becoming Google, Finally Offers Free Lunch

    They say there's no such thing as a free lunch. Regardless of how it gets to you, somebody paid for it. Paying is no longer a concern for Yahoo! employees in Silicon Valley as their new CEO, Marissa Mayer, has revealed that their cafe will be offering food to them free of charge. This kind of service was already a staple at Google and isn't unheard of in the professional world these days. A free lunch isn't the only thing Mayer's brought with her, though.

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  10. Tech

    “D33DS Company” Hackers Release Info from 453,492 Yahoo! Accounts

    Have you had to change your login information in a paranoid fever after discovering that a major online service provider has been hacked in the last few weeks? Well, if you have a Yahoo! account, you might have some worrying to do. A hacker group called D33DS Company has apparently dumped 453,492 usernames and passwords obtained in plaintext from a Yahoo! service.

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  11. Tech

    Yahoo! Launches New Browser-Within-a-Browser Called Axis

    Yahoo!, once the darling of the early Internet, has fallen on hard times. In the past few years, the company has tried a number of new paths to make it more relevant to the modern web, but none of them have been able to recapture the company's glory days. Now, Yahoo! has unveiled a new visual-based web browser called Axis for iPad, iPhone, and as a desktop browser-plugin designed to unify your online experience between all your devices.

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  12. Tech

    Yahoo! Officially Lays Off 2,000 Employees

    In a bit of sad news, Yahoo! has laid off 2,000 of its employees, registering as the largest wave of layoffs in company history. The layoffs will, as one might expect, trigger a restructuring of the company, though CEO Scott Thompson doesn't only see doom and gloom.

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  13. Tech

    Yahoo! Sues Facebook For Patent Infringement

    After holding its tongue for years, it seems, Yahoo! has unleashed a patent lawsuit against Facebook, arguing that Facebook's momumental success would not have been possible without the use of techniques developed and patented by Yahoo! in it's heyday. Like software patent suits that have laid claim to everything from the concept of the micro-transaction to the concept of torrenting, this suit is mainly concerned with broadly defined techniques and strategies, as opposed to specific technologies or anything so physical. Social networking juggernaut Facebook is no small target, and it this seems to be an all-or-nothing sort of play on Yahoo!'s part.

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  14. Entertainment

    Tom Hanks Brings Futurist Series Electric City to Yahoo

    Venerable search engine-homepage-media company Yahoo has announced that Oscar winning actor and nice dude Tom Hanks will be streaming an original, scripted sci-fi webseries called Electric City through the company's video service. This would be Yahoo's first foray into scripted content, after greatly expanding their video service.

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  15. Tech

    Biggest Names Online Take Out Full Page Ad in NYTimes Speaking Against SOPA

    Yesterday, a group of nine of the biggest online companies took out a full page ad in the New York Times to voice their concern over two pieces of legislation in congress that could greatly affect the way America uses the Internet. In the letter, Google, Facebook, Mozilla, Zynga, eBay, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and AOL ask that their point of view be heard regarding the Protect IP and the Stop Online Piracy Act.

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